French fun

Someone told me it was Bastille day on Sunday. Well I need little excuse to dress up and when I was brought a stripe shirt and onion string I was off.
The trouble was I was working this Monday and Viv had her dress rehearsal for the tap show in Wrexham. Still the show must go on and we just went ahead anyway.
I had a disappointment when Tango Stafford cancelled, I was really looking forward to welcoming them to our little suare.
I tried to sleep when I got home, but unusually I could not manage it. I think with Viv not being there I was worried about not waking.
Then I had some great news; our friends Roger and Mirta were going to come.
Well we had some french colours, a french maid, and of course LeClerc cunningly disguised as an onion seller. A good head count despite.
Our entrada is all used to buy food and drinks, but despite two extra bottles of wine arrived, as did macaroons extra drinks french pastries and other sundries that I cannot recall at this moment. Our every reliable neighbour brought a curry. It became another positive calorie event.
Vivs rehearsal finished early, apparently they did the finale first. So by nine we had a dozen and we managed to fill the dance floor.
It always seems that whenever I expect a flat night, our friends come around and lift us to new levels.
Sadly we had to send Roger away earlier than we would normally would have, I still had to get up next morning. Hopefully the sales pitch I was throwing at him all night will bring him back soon.
So that is it, I am now exploring Google and looking for a theme for every event. Next one; The rat catchers ball. International Rat Catchers day 22 nd of July, I am not making this up, it is true check google. So all you Pied Pipers come along and enjoy the fun. Best of all, next week I am off work, so whatever, I can keep the party going all night if you can hold on.

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