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Adios Buenos Aires part one

A beautiful day, not a good one to leave here, but there is so much to do.
Once the packing was done though it was time to eat, almost everything is gone, the coffee, the porridge, honey, in fact the only thing left is some frozen noisettes and Qulmes Negra.
I am tempted to drink the stout, but Viv is not allowing it. The noisettes Phillipe can have, perhaps he will buy some steak to have with them and remember us while drinking the beer.
We wandered up Guardia Vieja, to a cafe we had visited before with Pericles. This place is called Las Almandres and is on the corner of Gascon. We decided to have the revueltos, Viv wanting the plain and I asked for the Revueltos Almandres. The waiter nodded as we asked for cafe con leche, another nod as we asked for jugo de naranja, but when we asked for media lunas tambien he was actaually laughing. I guess they don’t see too many British camels here. Yes that’s us, camels, we eat when we can and then keep going for days.
As always Viv likes to wash all the towels and bedding before we go. So the first wash was done while we had our breakfast on Gascon and when we returned she put another wash on. Now the machine belongs to Philippe and he has just had it repaired (not too well it seems). Viv had other things to do and had ignored the washing but as the day went on she realised that the machine was on an endless cycle of rinse and spin. There was no time for the third wash and for a time we thought that the second would be stuck there. We had to ring Philippe at work to warn him and ask him to return tonight to take the washing out. Fortunately half an hour before we were due to leave, I managed to get the machine off and emptied. We got the third wash in, hopefully it will be finished for Philippe to take out later.
Well our new taxi driver arrived dead on time and chatted to us all the way to the airport. It was nice for Viv to have someone who spoke english, I suppose, the trouble is talking to the taxistas is usually the only practice I get. Still he was a nice guy and gets our vote. As usual we did not know what terminal we wanted and he dropped us off at terminal A. We checked the boards and it said that we were delayed but we queued up anyway. Good job we did, the girl said “This desk is Iberia, you want terminal C”. So off we trotted around the buildings until we were back at A.
We never learn; we got through to flight side and then remembered. Captive audience in Argentina equals “Rip them off”. All the prices are the same as on the streets of Buenos Aires, the difference is they are in US dollar not peso. When are they going to learn that this is not how to do business?
Viv wanted to buy some presents for home, but I refused. If someone takes the piss, I am afraid I just get stubborn. We sat reading with no drinks or food until the plane was due. Before we got on we saw a Goth girl in boots that can only be described as lethal weapons. They were covered in huge spikes and we wondered “A small tube of hand cream is not allowed on the plane in case we use it as a weapon, and yet she was allowed on with these?”

To Be Continued………………..

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