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Pollo Entero again.

In our last couple of days we have set out to see all those we can again, and it has become somewhat of a tradition to have lunch with Philippe, our pollo entero day, if you like.
We were woken again this morning by the buzzer “tienes ropas viejas?” we still had no old clothes for her, but Viv has now put some aside for Philippe to give her next week.
At twelve, just as promised Philippe arrived and we set off towards the Abasto Centre. Once there our Peruvian restaurant is just across the road. As we were passing the massive building that is the Abasto, Philippe said he could see the metal shutters still going up on the Restaurant, and wondered if they would be open yet.
The sign on the door said “Abierto” so we walked right in and sat down. When the guy brought the menus we asked for some beer. They did not have Quilmes only a German brew, but it was stout, so it would have to do.
We tried ordering pollo, but the guy said they were not ready, we could wait. It was a good job we had Philippe though because things started to get complex.
We tried ordering patas fritas to eat while we waited. Even Philippe thought he understood. Bread came along with some dips, no chips though. We asked again “si” the guy said, but still they did not come. We had run out of beer by now and so we ordered more, when that came he told is it was the last bottle. He was lying, of course, ten minutes later they had a bottle on the next table. Still our chips did not come.
A young waiter took over the servicing of our table and Philippe tried again, and by now we were on our third bottle of beer (blond beer by now), eventually our chips came along with more bread and a top up of the salsa picante.
We must make a point of not coming here so early next time, still we were enjoying ourselves. When the food at last came, we got another plate of chips, plus a plate of salad and our pollo entero.
It was nearly three when we left, so we were in there more than two and a half hours, and still laughing. We walked back and Philippe made us one of his special coffees before he had to go.
We too had to go, back to bed. Three litres of beer two plates of chips, two baskets of bread, one plate of salad and a chicken chopped in four, sent us off for a satisfying afternoon nap.
We still had room for and ice-cream from the kiosco later though.
The night-time was to be spent at Conventillo de Lujo, we had been invited to a party there. It was handy for us as it meant we could avoid all the 25th May celebrations. Trouble is it is hard for us to get to.
We caught a 151 outside our apartment block, but the driver either did not understand us or was going a different way. I think the former because it was quite clear on Como Viaje, but he would not take the money off my card and threw us off at the next stop.
I did not want to walk back again to Corrientes and get the subte and then have to walk sixteen blocks from there so we took our first taxi of this trip.
The highlight of the night for me was the dance with Amy, wherever I moved she was there. It was almost instictive following.
We were quite happy as we had brought some quilmes stout with us again, but by midnight we had had enough and it was time to go.
We knew where to get the bus tonight as we had done this trip before, and as luck would have it there was a queue at the stop, this must mean there was a bus due soon. There was, but it turned off at the block previous. Everyone at the stop dispersed. Then ten minutes later the two girls who had been there before returned and another bus turned off early. I did not know what was going on but Viv had had enough and she made me hail a cab.
“Salguero y Guardia vieja” I said, The driver laughed and said “Salguero y Guardia vieja” that’s what I though I said, still he was cheerful enough. Tonight’s taxi fares have doubled my city transport costs tonight, but at least we are home safe.


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