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Brahms in the Park

We really intended a quiet day today, so we were up quite late, but I still had some things to do. First on my agenda was to get in touch with Pericles, we had been here over two weeks and our time was going fast. I now had a phone number so I phoned him, of course he did not answer. I know that he is busy so I sent him another message on facebook with our numbers on.

Then the phone rang “Es Señor (I did not catch the name but knew it was not me)” “No” I said. Then this lady went off into sales patter “soy extranjero” I said “Perfecto, conoces el servicios de (again I did not recognise the company)”. “No Soy extranjero, mis castillano es muy pobre”, but she was not put off “Perfecto” she said and continued” “Estoy en vacaciones” I tried. She was not giving up, this is just like home I thought. She only finally gave up when she realised I did not have a clue what she was selling.

Five minuets later and the phone rang again “Hola” I said and a laugh came back down the phone “Perry!” “you recognised my laugh he said”. I explained how difficult I was finding communications this time and he said “yes nothing works here” then like it was doing a full demo, the phone went dead. Anyway he called back and we arranged to meet again Friday.

Five minutes later the phone rang again, I was getting annoyed, but it was Pericles again he had used ring back from my missed call. At least someone in this city returns calls.

We set off again for Suipacha and Vivs shoes, it all went smoothly and without incident. So now we were in town with nothing really  to do. We meandered down towards Florida but never quite made it. I wanted to see The Museum at Palicio de Aguas so I suggested we head off in that direction.

We Crossed Julio 5 and Viv wanted to investigate the Tango show there. So we went inside and asked about the prices, knowing that they would be a lot cheaper here for our friends than if they booked them on a trip.
We now passed Teatro Colon and walked over the area that covers the workshops. There is a huge screen there and we watched for a while as it showed images of the interior.
Next we walked over to the vast green area known as Tribunales. I took some pictures of the Rubber tree there that is over a hundred years old. While there we could hear music and we found that there were speakers located around, playing Brahms. We stopped for a while to listen. There were also pictures of Teatro Colon from years gone by, including some famous names. It was here I saw pictures of the excavations for the workshops we had walked over and that is how I knew that they were there.
Then I had an idea, I knew there was a place close by that we could buy coffee to take out, but when we got there it was closed.
We wandered around and found a kiosco selling cold drinks and filled media lunas. We bought two jamon y queso calientes and two pomelos then went back to sit in the sun.

We were surrounded by Brahms exotic (to us) birds and photos of the Teatro from days of yor. It was a most pleasant way to while away the time.
The media lunas were huge, so Viv’s plan to have steak tonight may just have to wait.
Now deciding the time for Palacio de aguas had passed we walked toward Sarmiento. We had seen a jug like the jug we had bought the other day for half the price. Then this morning Viv broke it so it was fortunate I now knew where to get one cheaper.
On the way we looked at prices on items we had bought before, all were now double. I wonder how long this can continue before we have another collapse.

It’s Thursday so we are off to Fulgor again. There is a different guy on the door and he seems much more amiable, but it did little for the numbers. An old couple who we have seen here for years left early, I think that they wanted more tango and less cumbia. Still we danced a plenty and I even got Viv up for the Chacarera.
Everyone welcomed us and asked if we would be here Sunday. Of course we will, but I doubt more and more we will be coming next year. I think the place will have died by then. Still there is no point in dwelling on it, let’s just enjoy it while it is still here and face the future when it happens.

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