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Hoy Turistas

Finally we decided to do something touristy today. We took the subte into town and just walked down Florida. Viv managed to buy some pens on the subte at $10 for three she was quite happy. I had no intention of buying anything in Florida, it is all expensive tourist rubbish, but I do enjoy the colour.
We found a little shopping centre and Viv managed to find a scarf that she has been after, so we bought two, pink and green.
After all this shopping, time for another cafe con leche. I do enjoy the cafe life here, it’s nice to just sit and watch the world go by. A lesson learned, we had a slice of apple crumble, just one between us and two forks.
Viv had been sneaky; once I was relaxed she reminded me that a friend had given us a card to get discount in a shoe shop, so it was off to Suipacha. I got roped into buying two pairs, but when it came to pay, despite the door being plastered with Visa, MasterCard, and Access, they could not take my card. So my daily money and what I had saved for the coffee table was wiped out. And that was for just one pair, the other pair is set aside for tomorrow, with a note about my discount.
When we had left the subte I passed a blind man, I had felt guilty passing him, but could not reach my money in the crush. Normally I do not give to beggars, especially the guy standing on Florida in two hundred-dollar trainers saying “cambio cambio”. This guy though looked so genuine that we went back into the same subte to try and give him some money. Unfortunately he was no longer there.
A few trips ago we stopped in a place called Bocado on Sarmiento 2226 for a coffee. We have often said we should go back so today we got off the subte at Pasteur and walked over to Sarmiento. We had a panini each with chicken and cheese. Mine had Dijon mustard and mushrooms Viv was just boring. With a pomelo for Viv and a cervesa for me it cost no more than the coffee and chocolate mouse we had at Martinez two days ago, so I was satisfied.
I felt tired and not prepared for a late night, so I thought we would join Janis at Lo de Celia. As we were about to leave I could not find my shoes and slowly it dawned on me that I had lost them. Somewhere I had lost my bag with my shoes in, my umbrella and worst of all my camcorder. We mentally backtracked and the only place we could think of was La Moncloa where we had stopped for a beer the night before. There was no point in rushing, if they were there, they would stay, but if someone had made off with them then they were gone.
We joined Janis, Jean, John and Jane in Lo de Celia. It was Johns last night and we did not realise he would be here. Just shows, great minds think alike. So Janis had a chance to get some pictures of us all, and John had a great last night. We had some good dances and Dany got his applause at La Cumparsita. At the end though we had to rush off, I was not sure at what time La Moncloa closed and we had a fifteen block walk to find out.
We need not have worried, the lights were on and they were at home when we arrived. The waiter recognised us and almost before I mentioned “Bolsa Roja” they were fetching my bag from behind the bar.
My faith in humanity was once again re-enforced.
Back home now on our faithful 168 colectivo, and submarinos before bed.

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