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OK you win

There is an apartment block across the road, where they are all for rent. They call it a tango apartment block, I have now sent them four emails, in a desperate attempt to bring them business. As we enter our last week I still have heard nothing and there is no one on the door to ask.
I decided to look further and just the other side of Cordoba on Bulnes is a place called Quality Studios. They have not answered my mail either. So today I thought we could walk down and have a look.
On the way down we passed an Hotel. I was not to sure but thought we could have a look. Inside reception was deserted. Eventually some old guy came. “Tienes habitaciones con dos camas?” I ventured “no” he replied. Then another lady said “Si” “Quanto cuesta?” I asked, then he said “Depende” on what, how long? So I tried “Dos Semanas” “Cien por noche” well that sounded good. “Tienes tarjeta de empressa?” “No” well how the hell can we book if we have no business details. I was going to ask to see a room, but Viv had had enough of this and was dragging me out.
The Quality Studios looked good and there was a guy in the reception. He came to the door when summoned. “Hay departmentos alquiler?” I asked “Si” he replied. Things were looking good so far. “Puedo verlo? I asked. Then I got the long chapter again about the lady is not here and I must contact her. He did try to be helpful. He gave us a card and even though I told him I had emailed, he gave me the email address and the telephone number, pointing to the phone here in reception. So this is the choice; I can email again and fail to get a response, again, or I can phone up and speak to the guy I had just been talking to.
Thats it! I totally give up, Argentina you win, You do not want business, now I understand.
I felt totally defeated and we just wandered for a bit, we ended up near Club Fulgor as Viv wanted to see the Outlet Village in day time. There is a cafe on the corner called Jammin, and she always says we should try it, so we stopped outside and drank a coffee in the sun. I felt a little better then so we wandered back checking the shops and even popped into Jumbo. The biggest supermarket for miles and all we bought was a packet of frozen potato noisettes.
Nuevo chique was a success, we both managed some good dances, but as always after three hours we had had enough. So we stopped off at Moncloa on Congresso for a beer and then caught a 151 home.
That was another new experience; The number was not illuminated on the front, and if it hadn’t been for the old lady who was at the stop with us, it probably would not have stopped. At first I did not move to get on, then I saw the number on the side. The old dear was having a right go first at the driver, who said he could do nothing about it. Then she started on Viv, who had no idea what she was saying, but still she persisted. I had to do a quick translation for Viv “She said the light is not on” She sat at the front barracking the driver then turning round to us I was glad to get off, although I think that now the driver was in for it as he would be the only focus of her ire.


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