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Russian, who me?

We got up late again, well we are supposed to be on holiday. There was a lot of noise outside, the banging was so bad Viv thought that they were knocking the place down. Edisur were digging up our pavements again, Viv thought that perhaps it was to deal with the power cut we had. Nice thought, I just cannot believe that they would be that efficient.
There was not time to do much, but we had to go out for some shopping. On our way around we passed a few new (to us) furniture shops. Still there was nothing that grabbed Viv, although I did see some boxes. If we do not get a coffee table this time I am getting one of those to put my cup on.
We found one very disorganised place and halfway down they had a box full of mugs, we may go back for one or two. If we have to let the place next year we will need spares.
We walked to the kiosco that was closed last night, hoping to buy some chocolate amargo, but they only had one bar. Viv said it is like 1970s Yugoslavia. We did get some chocolate, although it was different again.
Trying to find anything is a challenge here and we wanted a bottle brush. Well there is a place on Corrientes but you have to tell them what you want. We walked in and there was a youngish bald black guy ranting at us “ruso aleman?” I had no idea what he was on about at first but he was laughing away “de donde son?” ah, now I understood “Gales” “Ah inglatera, I have a friend Gales”. We could see what we wanted at the back of the shop, so we then had a version of “The Golden Shot” anyone remember that program? Left a bit, Right, back a bit, that’s it. Once we had our brush I tried to find out what it was called, but he just kept saying ruso. “Rusos son mafioso” I said, but he said “No italiano”. Anyway ten pesos for a brush, it was worth it for the entertainment.
Outside and I was trying to put the brush in Viv’s bag, he called me in again. I don’t know what he wanted, it was just one of those, no you called me, moments. I was still smiling when we got back to the flat.
Off to El Arranque again today, we arrived about five. We have learned that there is no point being here at the beginning, but also if we are early enough we get some good dances and get our faces known.Tthere are a few here who know us already so there were not many tandas where either of us sat out. One I did sit out though was when Viv danced with Jesus. I mentioned him last year when he danced with Viv, she said his dance was wonderful, so I wanted to watch and learn. As she said though, you cannot learn to dance like that, he is simply Jesus.
Afer Jesus she was ready to go home, but I was not. We stayed until I could at least have a milonga with my wife, marriage must have some privileges.
On the way back to the subte Viv wanted to stop for a coffee. I prefer a local place but Viv wanted Starbucks. As usual we compromised and we stopped at Martinez. You should have seen the chocolate mousse cake! A lesson I have not yet learned is the portion size here. The cake was just too good to leave and we asked for two pieces. It took some eating, but we Finches never leave food. We could have had a meal for what it cost, but my it was good. Probably 1500 calories each, death by chocolate.
Now we really had to get back.

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