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Not the best meal

Having totally given up on the occasional table, we returned our efforts to the bedroom curtain rail.
I decided that if I could not have a bend I would simply butt up two poles. So another trip to Easy was on the cards.
Again we had the same problems, nothing matches. we could find black curtain rods but not black supports. In the end we went for silver, simply because that was the colour we could get everything in. We returned with our spoils and to lick my wounds from the price only to find we had not actually bought the supports. Another trip to Easy was needed.
We realised that we were running early so we decided to walk to Easy get the parts we needed and then get the subte into town.
We managed to buy the supports, and finally I found a bend that would do the job (I hoped) Then it was off into town and Confiteria Ideal.
We were meeting up with Xenia and Greame again before they return to the UK tomorrow. When we entered we asked if we could sit at adjacent tables but Diago was having non of it and insisted we all sat together at the back of the room.
I told him from there we could not cabeceo but he was not listening. As it was the last time we will see Xenia and Greame I thought it best to just let it lie, but next week I think we will try somewhere else.
I managed a few dances, as did Xenia, but I am afraid Greame and Viv only danced with those on the table.
Well it was too soon time for them to go and we walked with them to the subte, and after an emotional farewell we promised to meet up again some time in July.
Then it was time for us to eat something. Viv fancied Subway but they were closing up so we jumped on the subte and headed back. We tried Gratto on the corner of Corrientes but Viv fancied nothing that was on so we just had a coffee.
next place to try was Guardia la Vieja we had enjoyed the food here before and it was a reasonable price.
We settled down to Quilmes stout and waited for our empanadas and papas fritas. Viv was not happy they came on two separate wooden boards with no plates and they were dripping with grease.
Not the best meal we have had, but it filled us up.

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