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Por Una Cerveza

We tried again to buy an occasional table today. After wandering around the shop again we just ended up taking measurements. I guess it has to be just right or not at all. Perhaps we will try again tomorrow because this is turning into an epic.

The internet is a handy thing; I looked up La Continental and found all the restaurants that they have in Buenos Aires. This made it easy to pick somewhere to meet Janis close to Lo de Celia and the E line for us. We wanted to have a quiet meal together. Well it would have been quiet but for the kids party upstairs, the traffic outside and the garbage disposal teams who for some reason were hounding us today.
When Viv an I arrived the waiter got confused because we only wanted coffee while we waited for our amiga.
Then he got more confused when Janis came and we ordered the drinks, yes, the whole beer bottle was for me. So he then had to go back for Viv’s drink, while Janis sang Por Una Cerveza. Please would all Carlos Gardel fans accept my apologies, it was a spur of the moment thing. Our waiter did it all in good cheer though. He was even quite amused by the fact that I could not find my money and then asked if Janis had running shoes on.
It has got quite cold now and we are, as usual, unprepared. You see our apartment is so warm as it is north facing. So when we go out we never expect the cold. Our walk down Entre Rios with Janis involved much huddling up and when we left her by Lo de Celia we all but ran to the subte. At least underground it is warm.
I have never used this subte before, so I asked the nice policeman which way is el centro? I knew we wanted to go the opposite direction, but he didn’t. So he chased after us and I had to tell him we wanted Boedo.

Our class was again stressful. I think joining a group class was always going to be difficult as they are going over things that they have done before but we have not. I think it warmed me up though because I never felt the cold on the walk back.
Having eaten out once we did not feel like stopping in Murilla again so we just carried on. My idea was to buy a beer in the supermarket and drink it in. Neither of the local supermarkets was open, it must be some sort of Chinese conspiracy. The kiosco across the road did not sell beer either. So we tried for dark chocolate, to make a submarino. Nope! either that or no entende. Either way hot chocolate was out as well.

I must also apologise to our neighbours, Viv decided to put the washer on when we returned. We did not realise how noisy it would be. Sorry!

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