Old friends

I keep getting invites from old friends and today it was the turn of Brigitte Erdmann. I think it is about five years since we last met up. We had some great times together, both before and during the time when we bought the apartment.
It is difficult keeping a friendship going when we live half a world apart and only meet up another half world away.
She is staying at Conventillo de Lujo so we said we would join her there. It is a difficult place for us to reach as it happened. Alright if you live on the D subte line, but as yet there is no link to the B line without travelling all the way into town first. Our faithful 168 collectivo was the only thing that came close, but it stopped about eight blocks away. The biggest problem is that we do not know this side of town and probably would not know where to get off. so we opted to take our B line and have a fifteen block walk.
It was fortuitous really, we found some nice shops and Viv has stocked up with another load of nuts.
When we got there Brigitte was out buying cakes, so Amy the owner gave us the grand tour. I must say I was impressed. A whole building devoted to tango, even their own dance floor.
When Brigitte arrived we sat with our coffee and cakes, and caught up with how our lives had moved on. She is staying here as long as it takes to organise her travel business http://www.artoftravel.co.za . A German, South African operating out of Argentina, and you think I am confused?
We managed the 168 collectivo for our return. I knew it stopped at Corrientes y Medrano but we should have jumped off at Pringles y Guardia Vieja, it would have been a few more blocks more to walk,but the bus moved painfully slowly here and we would have saved time walking.
Still when Viv said “what are we having for tea?” we still had to pass our favourite butchers. It was a different guy serving this time and he did not seem to understand when I asked for ternera. So we ended up with bife de chorizo, and two pieces to boot. Well I was not complaining, we had two meals worth for the two of us, and for what it would have cost for just one meal.

Our second invite of the day was from Juan, we have missed him also on our last visit, so I cannot leave again without seeing him. He wanted to meet last Tuesday at El Obalisco but we already had arrangements. Tonight we wanted to go to Nuevo Chique for live music and the new floor, but our friends must come first.
How many 168’s are there? We caught it where we usually do and a block later it was off in another direction. I think in a previous visit we had caught this one and panicked, I was not for panicking this time; We stuck with it.
I did worry though, when I realised neither of us had a map. There was no need to worry though, when by a circuitous route it finally arrived at Peuyerradon it continued on the other route.
When we got off, it was hammering down. Luckily I had on my waterproof and Viv her umbrella.
We easily found the milonga and stood for a moment in the foyer while a small lake formed around our feet. We paid our entrada and passed through the curtains. A small guy showed us to a table, but it was too near the door he was quite happy to move us.
We danced junto tonight as we do not know the people here but enjoyed it just the same. It is all very new but looks a bit stage set to me. Let me explain although it all looks good and it was comfortable, I suspect that it has not been built to last. The laminate floor already shows signs of wear for instance, but hey I am just being picky. They were a very friendly crowd and the standard of floorcraft was impeccable.
Juan arrived later, as we suspected he would. We had an emotional greeting and talked about our times together. Viv was trying to tell him about a French lady she had met who said she would not be coming back. To this I reminded Juan of the tearful time we told him we would not be back, only to return two years later and buy an apartment.
Conversation is never easy with Juan, he talks lunfardo and always idiomatic. Every sentence is like a scene from “Whats my line”. Still he is always entertaining and I now have another video of him dancing with Viv.
Well soon the night was over and it was time to head out into the torrent again. This time I was not going to rely on just my jacket, we both had the umbrellas up. Almost as soon as we got to the bus stop a 151 arrived and I let it go. Had I a moment to realise, this would have dropped me right outside our apartment. I am still not 100% with these busses. It was not too long afterwards a 168 arrived and again we left a river behind us as we entered.
Well in short we had a great night with Juan and it was good to see a new venue, but I missed Nuevo Chique and the live music.


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4 responses to “Old friends

  1. tangobob

    I may be wrong here, but I think that the ex-90 is the one that heads down Medrano and then down Bartolome Mitre? This bus turned down Bulnes, I think and then went down Gomez Valentin, to join the old route on Pueyrradon. I wondered if it was just avoiding The Corrientes traffic.

  2. jantango

    I enjoy reading The Adventures of Bob and Viv in Buenos Aires. There’s never a dull moment.

    Obelisco Tango is the newest milonga venue that opened April19, and it’s a surprise to hear that the floor is already showing wear after only one month. I heard that a section was rippling. If the floor goes, so do all the dancers.

    Surely you know that the other 168 is really the ex-90. You discovered the barrio of Colegiales. Amy’s Conventillo de Lujo is walking distance to Club Montanes with Friday and Sunday milongas.

    Bife de chorizo for tea time? That’s news to me. I prefer the huge platter of sandwiches and desserts for tea at Confiteria Las Violetas in Almagro.

    I’ll have to join you at Nueve Chique so we can dance on the new floor at Casa de Galicia.

  3. tangobob

    Sorry, did I not say? We went to Obalisco, hence the talk of the newness.(I have now put in the blog that is where Juan wanted to meet us) Well you have made me feel a little better about missing it. Thanks.

  4. JohnM

    Most of today’s live music is not for dancing. Although the atmosphere at Nuevo Chique was good, and two bandoneons in this sexteto made a big sound, there was too much singer (he was good though) and too little obvious rhythm for dancing. Vals played by live musicians are nearly always good but the milongas were for showing off the musicians.
    Which milonga did you go to instead of Chique?

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