Elf and Safety

The road in front of us has been closed off. Then a guy with a chain saw is climbing a tree. He climbs way up high before he starts cutting. He seems to cut off all the branches around him before scrambling down to the next layer and starting again. All of this is done without a harness or safety net. Meanwhile guys are at the bottom clearing the roots.
At least they stopped the traffic, but people still wandered around underneath. The thing about this cavalier attitude is though, within two hours the two trees were gone and the road was open again. At home it would have taken three days just to barrier the area, three days for a crane to be set up, then another two days for the tree surgeons to arrive, then we would have to wait for the barriers to be removed again. “Cut your trees down? you’re talking a fortnight’s work there you are”.
We were wandering around the barrio this morning looking for an occasional table. The blind guy on Salguero who made some of our stuff is no longer there. So we tried Medrano. The big problem is that Viv and I have different ideas on what we want. Further up Medrano is the place we bought the headboard and there is nothing there either. It looks lower quality somehow, although how you manage that with basic pine furniture I am not sure.
We stopped off in a couple of second-hand places, their prices are more or less the same as the handmade shops. It makes me wonder why anyone would buy from here. Still there are enough of them, so I suppose there must be a market.
Anyway despite all the places we looked it was a fruitless search, I must try to be a bit more Argentine and wait for things to come to me.
In one of the second-hand shops we went upstairs. The top of the stairs just sort of ended, there was no safety rail to stop you falling back down again. Funny though, my mind sort of told me “this is dangerous don’t step back” and we never fell down.
So this is Elf and Safety Argentine style; make it dangerous enough and you will take care of yourself.
Off to El Arranque again today and when we arrived it was almost deserted. We have learned not to be early but this was an hour after the start. We had elected to sit separate and this was just fine for Viv, there were only three women in the room and one of those was in a couple. Actually I did not do too bad, I got every other dance, but Viv never sat down. This was the case for the next hour and then it started filling up.
We both did rather well, but I am convinced that Viv did better than me today. Still after three hours both our dances started drying up, so it was time for a coffee and wend our way home.
Viv is rustling up something exotic then we may just watch a film for a change.

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