Daily Archives: May 13, 2013

Good News

Viv has had me doing domestic stuff today, so our adventures are limited. But we did go to Plaza Almagro and sit in the sun eating some excellent neo italiano ice cream.
On the way there we pass a vacant lot. It has been vacant ever since we have been coming here but now I have noticed this.20130510_152351
Basically they are building a recreational space two doors down from us. I don’t expect to see it this time, but hopefully we will have what is in effect a garden on our block by next time we come.
The old guy was at the door again in Fulgor. It is little wonder that the numbers are down. Every time I come he tries to block me, this time he sat cursing and muttering because I gave him a $50 note. Somebody at some time has to give change and how difficult was it for him to give me two $10 notes?
It got me thinking, what made me come back after the first time? We were treated like naughty children and made to sit at the back. The dancing here is no way puro tango and it is a fair old walk every time. I guess I will never know what made me return, but now we are part of the furniture. I suspect we will still be coming here when the old guy finally has his way and no one comes through the door again.


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