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Late night

Philippe was coming today, so we were ready for an easy sort of day. The phone started ringing early then the mobile. We missed both calls but I realised at least the mobile was Philippe. Then the door intercom rang and the guy downstairs said something about Philippe. Not sure if something was wrong I rushed downstairs. I need not have worried, it was post for Philippe. Unfortunately he needed identification, I told him Philippe would be here at twelve, and he said he would deliver some others and return later. I was helped in this conversation by Sebastian the portero who was better able than I to explain the situation. Of course this cut short my blogging time, and I have just realised I posted in such a rush I did not even title it. So I have just added a title, hopefully there were not too many mistakes.
We had some very nice mince and pasta that we had bought a day or so before, so rather than eat out we decided to stay here and just enjoy some time together. The mail, as it turned out was Philippe’s new DNI. Now he can vote, it seems.
Well we drank some wine, Viv drank some beer (getting worried about her) and spent a pleasant afternoon together.
We had to decide where we go from here with our little arrangement, and we reached some decisions.
After Philippe left I went shopping. One result of the missing baggage affair is that I found some very comfortable underwear. Well strike while the iron is hot I always say, so new underwear it is.
Tonight we are off to Confiteria Ideal. Los Reys del Tango are on tonight, we saw them last year at Salon Siranush and they were truly breathtaking. The entrada tonight is double normal but it will be worth it.
We actually had two live bands, firstly we had a folklore band along with a demo. I have to say although it was good, it was not a patch on the demo we had at Mataderos two years ago. That is the trouble I suppose of seeing something really great, everything else is a let down. It was somewhat the same with Los Reys. Again they were great but the sound here was not as good as it had been at Salon Siranush. But I am just being picky, we had a great night and their best was El Huracan, it had us flying around the floor like dervishes.
Soon though the evening was over and it was time to go. I had no escape plan tonight, so we crossed 9de Julio and walked to Lavalle. When we found a bus stop it looked like three of the busses would go our way. Of course the first bus was not one I had checked out. We missed it and as luck would have it this also went our way. A 180 arrived and we jumped on. The driver said “donde?” to which I replied “Salguero” he said that they didn’t go to Salguero so in my best spanglish I said Bulnes would do. I am not sure if he understood my ramblings but he understood Bulnes.
When we got there the bus was going in the wrong direction, so we jumped off first stop.
Still it was only four blocks now, far better that the nearly thirty we would have had to travel.
We did quite well getting home though, only quarter past three. Not the really late night I expected, although late enough.


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