Busy Day

After all the mundane things had been done, like collecting alterations and buying food we were off to Confiteria Ideal for the afternoon.
The thing I like about Ideal is it is easy to get to. We travel down on the B line and we are only a block away. Again I am shocked by the price. $30 may be less than £5 each but it is a considerable increase and I wonder how far can these prices go before they become untenable.
We never got the chance to say “separados” and we were sat at an isolated table at the back. We danced together the first two dances but my Mataderos lady, Teresa was giving me hard cabeceos.
So despite sitting together we both managed a few dances with locals. Although I did notice the first man who danced with Viv never took his eyes off me until the end of the dance. I think this culture is probably why I was slightly more successful in getting dances, but Viv was not complaining.
Coming to an early milonga plays havoc with our eating arrangements and we were very soon starving hungry. My biggest criticism of this place has always been the lack of staff. Stuck, as we were, at the back, the waiters never managed to get to us. Always when it looked as if they were coming our way someone would intercept them.
It was almost time to leave before we managed to get a couple of facturas. They were very nice, but then I had to chase the waiter around the room so that we could pay and go.
The subte across town was chaotic. Some guy was determined to push in front of us, but I managed to keep him behind. His bulk then pushed us well into the carriage, so that there was no way I could reach any hanging straps, but with this crush I was not going to fall over.
The E line up to Boedo was slightly less crowded. We still had to stand but there was room to move. Funny because I know that the B line would be at capacity this time of night.
We thought it would be a good idea to re-join Andres and Genoveva again for their second class. Hopefully we can re-enforce what we have already done.
It all went rather well, although my brain was again scrambled by the end of a two-hour class.
Time for more beer and empanadas at Murilla. The handy halfway home point.
One great thing this time: Every night we sleep the sleep of the innocent. Traffic noise? What noise?



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2 responses to “Busy Day

  1. Janis wrote: “Anybody’s brain would be scrambled after a two-hour class.

    Interesting how classes seem to be getting longer and longer. Our local dance school’s beginner starter classes are now three hours long!

  2. jantango

    If you walk into a milonga together, the host assumes you will dance together. After 38 years, you two look like you go together. Next time, give Viv some money to pay her own entrada. Aren’t you glad that Teresa remembered you from last year? She doesn’t care about the code that respects and doesn’t interfere with couples at a milonga.

    If you can’t get a waiter’s attention, get up and walk out. You will get attention that way, especially at Confiteria Ideal where they often charge twice and get away with it.

    Anybody’s brain would be scrambled after a two-hour class. It had lots of practice time, right?

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