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New Sube

Viv wanted her trousers turned up, so first trip was to a local dressmaker. This always gets confusing, being an engineer I always measure in millimeters, dressmakers use centimeters. So when I said 25 she looked shocked, hopefully we understood each other in the end or Viv will end up with shorts.
We headed into town and Tribunales for Sube central. I gave the guy my card and said “esta tarjeta no funciona” he gave it me back saying the same thing. Apparently they have changed the system again and now I will need a new card.
So we had to go to the post office by the Obalisk. This was not what I was expecting either, it was a locotorio with just one counter for the post office and Sube cards.
I bought my card without problem, but she said I must register it on-line. So thinking it would not yet work we bought tickets again for the subte.
We were back on the A line again. A few months ago they scrapped all the old trains and replaced them with new ones. From a tourist point of view a bad idea, many people rode this line just for the antique coaches that still had gas lighting in them and wooden seats. I for one was sad to see them go. I must say though that having travelled on the new ones they are very smooth and clean. It made for an enjoyable journey.
We got of at Castro Barros as we wanted to visit Easy (B&Q Argentine style). I was not sure which direction to head at first, which was fortunate as we came across a shop selling dried fruits and nuts. We have some good stocks in now and we know where to go for more.
Easy was not so successful we need some sort of curtain track for the bedroom and as I have said before “they do things different here” so we looked but did not buy. Something will eventually come to me, but for now I am stumped.
As for registering my Sube on-line, that is proving difficult. You need to give your document number, unfortunately there is no passport in the drop down menu and I do not have a DNI. I will leave it unregistered for now, I think.
Well we caught the bus to Boedo, no problems with my card, so that was a good thing. Trouble was the bus was so crowded and slow we would have been better off walking, still I proved my card so in that I am happy.
We met up with Andres and Geneveva and took their class, we had intended to go on to Boedo Tango afterwards, but the class really took it out of us. I guess we are just not used to taking group classes anymore, we must do more or risk losing the ability to learn altogether.
So after two hours of class we decided what we really needed was a drink. Nothing took our fancy until we reached Salguero and a place called Murilla. Viv seemed to think we had been here before but I doubt it.
We ordered a bottle of Quilmes Negra, if there ever was heaven on earth it is in these bottles. I think it is the one thing that could turn us into alcoholics.
They had rather nice empanadas here as well. Well we had saved on an entrada tonight.
Not quite midnight when we got back, looks like another early night.

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