All at once

Today we were to meet Xenia and Greame from Cardiff. They were getting towards the end of their South American tour and as we are all in Buenos Aires at the same time it was too good an oportunity to miss.
Then we got an invite for asado from Cherie and Ruben. Well that was too good to miss as well, and as it was a lunch time arrangement I was sure we could juggle things just fine.
Then we got a further invite from Juan, unfortunately that was one invite too many and we had to decline. Still the day was off to agood start.
I checked the buses and we could get either a 128 or a 160. Now the 128 stops right outside our apartment somewhere, but I was not sure where, so I must see how things play out.
We popped into the supermarket for some wine and as we got back to the junction I could see a 128 at the lights. I said to Viv “get across the road quick so I can see where the bus stops” unfortunately just at that point a bus came around the corner unimpeded by the lights. Viv was off after it, like a dog chasing cars. She got to the other end of the street before the bus and was trying to get on. I had to shout after her, because I did not know where that bus was going, but certainly not our way. We were now way past where the 128 would stop, so I still had no idea where it stopped and we had missed it anyway. I will have to keep her on a lead from now on, can’t have her chasing buses all the time.
Anyway we knew where the 160 stops as it has a proper bus stop. so the rest of our journey passed without incident. Apart from the now common shock of the prices. $6 for the two of us and as I do not have my sube card all my change has gone so we cannot use the bus again today.
We arrived at Cherie’s and we were welcomed in. I must say the food was wonderful, beer, wine, asado followed by cake and Champagne. It was a shame we had to rush off with our champagne, but such is our life here, one big rush of friends.
I had miscalculated, simple just jump on the subte five stops and we would be at Congreso. Wrong. That would be the A line but we were by the E line. It meant we had either to navigate three subways or walk nine blocks. We walked.
I was getting all confused today and when we left the subway I did not know where we were, I had got off one stop too soon again.
It was great to catch up with Xenia and Greame again but unfortunately they did not want to come to the milonga with us so we left them at the door. I think it is only two or three blocks from where they are staying so we did not feel guilty. I was sad we missed chance to dance though, hopefully there is still time.
At the entrance to Casa Galicia we got a bit confused, the stairway was blocked off and the sign said “segundo piso escensor” reminds me of Media Luz. When we got upstairs I remembered, they are having the floor re-laid. Next time we come (next week) it will be all new parquet that we are dancing on.
Still out of change we had to take the protracted subte route home.I am forever surprised how many of the locals do not know which is the right train to take. They then seem reluctant to accept what I tell them as I am extranjero (maybe more likely they do not understand me).



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2 responses to “All at once

  1. tangobob

    EH?? I always carry a map and pre check our routes. Ocasionally I forget which station to get off at, thats just senior moments.

  2. jantango

    You’re like most men who refuse to ask for directions or carry a map along just in case. The city has a superb map online where you enter your location and where you want to go. It tells you the bus to take and shows you the route. Hope you find time to use it. Tell Viv about it so she will check it. and click on ?como llego? It will make getting around the city more pleasant. Let’s face it, you haven’t been here for a year and need to familiarize yourself with the city. Can you imagine how easy it will be after living in Buenos Aires for six months in your retirement years? Even Viv will find her way alone.

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