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No carga tarjetas Sube

A few mundane things to do today, firstly some food shopping. We thought we would try buying some fresh steak for tea. strangely in this land of cattle we have not done this before, we have only eaten steak in restaurants.
Then on Saturday night we had seen a coat in a feria, so we went down to look at it while the shop was open. I thought it was not Viv’s style, but easier than arguing we went to look. I was right, on closer inspection she would not have worn it. We do find these ferias a touch expensive. Another coat Viv liked the look of was $160, that works out at well more than £20 for a second-hand coat. At home we could do much better and the charity shops at home do clean the stuff first.
So we came back and I set out on my own to refresh my sube card. Now it always happens when you try and do things the easy way; I found two addresses, one on Gascon and one on Corrientes. The one on Gascon was quite close so i walked there. Addresses are a bit vague here so it took me a while to find that it was a kiosco. I only knew it was the right place because there was a sign pasted outside “No carga tarjetas sube” that was that then. It turned out to be ten blocks to the address on CorrientesI was expecting nothing, and that is what I got. It looked like another kiosco but it was shuttered up. Ah! well back for coffee and prepare for the dancing try another day at Tribunales.
So we set out on the subte for Callao. Now I know this route well, down to which stairs to leave by. So I trotted out the station and down the road. Then we came across another subte and Viv asked why we did not get off here. It slowly dawned on me, we had set off down Corrientes and not Callao. Thats what happens when you get all big headed.
We sat together in the milonga as we have not yet reached our comfort zone and danced for three hours. Again we saw many old faces, and although we don’t get the welcome that we get at Fulgor we still feel at home here.
When it was time to return we found the old problem of the overcrowded subte and got off early at Carlos Gardel. It was easier than staying on. It also gave us a chance to stop off at a confiteria for some afters and bread.
Did I mention we bought steak this morning? well it was excellent. We may do this again. Steak and Quilmes Negra a recipe to die for.


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