Market Day

Inflation is hitting us quite hard, on top of all the extra expense of the first day. We also had to buy extra stuff while our cases were missing, so I thought today we would have a low spend day.
Viv’s answer? San Telmo market. I was not sure how this was going to work,go to the market and spend nothing? but long years of marriage have taught me it is better to go along with it.
We travelled down by subte again, and it was a chance to charge up my sube card. Somehow I knew this would happen “la tarjeta no funciona” the girl said. Looks like another trip to sube card central. I think it just times out with not using it.
Actually the trip worked quite well. We passed a lovely clothes shop and I realised that it is good not to carry my credit card with me.If it is good enough then we can return, if it is not worth the extra journey, then it simply is not worth it.
We wandered around the market stalls looking at all the tat. At the corner was a guy playing guitar. I watched fascinated, Viv said we should stop for a coffee. The cafe here had seats outside so we sat in the sun drinking our coffee and listening to great music.
Conversation moved to the arts, as it tends to in these situations and we discussed Van Goch. Viv said that after his lover left him he lost himself in his music. Now I am no expert, but I never knew he played. Perhaps we should tell someone. This could be the scoop of the century. Of course we fell about laughing. I got the feeling los locos extranjeros were disturbing the peace.
On the way back the boleteria was closed, so like everyone else we jumped the gate. This saved us another $5. So not a bad trip out, despite costing $40 for two coffees. It only cost us $45 we had some sun and a good laugh.
As it it Sunday we are off to Club Fulgor again and we set off for Villa Crespo. When we arrive we are once more welcomed, by the organisers the staff and most of the punters. Hailed once more as principe de Gales and even Maestro I feel like part of a family.
Viv is not fully warmed up yet, and although we managed a little cumbia she is not one of the locals tonight. We did do our first Chacarera though. It takes her time, but she will get there.
The numbers seem down to us, although most of the regulars are still here. One of my favourite old dears is missing, and I am unable to find out where Norma is tonight. I hope she turns up Thursday.
Just like at home, in a dance filled with locals of a certain age, they all start disappearing an hour before the end. So by Eleven thirty we were the only ones there. Ah! well time to trudge home to bed.

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