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Nothing ever goes to plan.
Our early night never happened and we ended sitting up until three in the morning waiting for our taxi.
Still we were excited at the thought of our anniversary in Buenos Aires.
When we arrived, not as tired as we thought we would be, things started to go wrong; we were warned that some baggage had not arrived, but our name was not on the list so we should be OK.
We watched the belt going round for over an hour. I decided it was time to approach the desk. As I waited patiently the belt stopped. Suddenly there was a swarm of people all shouting and waving frantically.
Eventually I put my form in and headed off for the Remis. Again the price has nearly doubled but I was beyond caring.
We told our driver to drop us off at Corrientes y Salguero. Beer was needed.
It had taken us nearly three hours to get from the plane to our apartment. We were unclean, unkempt and too tired to go out.
This morning I am assessing the damage. Viv has nothing to wear for a milonga tonight (not a woman thing, she literally has nothing). We have no shower gel to wash, (trip out later). Worse though for me, I have no travel adaptors, the computer will not last long (hence the short blog). My phone is already dead and I too have no dancing clothes.

So I am shutting down now only to open up for my email. Please hurry up KLM we need our baggage.


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