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I am often asked for advice from people who want to visit Buenos Aires. I may not be the number one expert, but I have been a few times and I am close at hand. So as such I am a handy source of information.

In fact I have been asked so often that I wrote a daily guide that I am happy to pass on. Recently I was approached again for information and I suddenly realized how many milongas have closed, so I am reluctant to pass it on at the moment.

Our next visit is now just a week away and it will seem like a totally new adventure as we explore what venues are still open. Many of our old haunts are closed, there are some new ones open and there are doubts about many others.

So for anyone who now wants information I would ask that you are patient. I will update my daily guide when I return. In the meantime keep your eyes on my blog. As always I will endeavor to publish daily while I am in Buenos Aires and you can see immediately what success we have and the places we go.

We arrive on 3rd of May, so expect the first blog soon after.

Meanwhile we have our last practica on 29th April when we will say goodbye to everyone and celebrate Viv’s birthday as well. Come along if you can, we will have a whale of a time and promise no tears as we wish you all goodbye for five weeks.


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2 responses to “Bob’s Daily

  1. jantango

    The milonga shuffle in Buenos Aires continues as alwaysl. A venue closes, and all the milongas have to find new ones. That was the case when El Beso was closed temporarily to meet inspection standards by widening the front door. Today there is an online source that is updated weekly — — with complete information including a map. It still requires knowing the organizer to know the type of milonga. That information is best acquired from local dancers, like me, before you pay the entrada of 40 pesos!

  2. Alan Jones

    It will be interesting to know about the number of dancers and milongas,Bob,as we are getting different reports here in England.Some say that they are decreasing,and some say that they are busy So long as there are some left for when we get back out there again!
    Kind regards from Alan Jones

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