Snow time

Well we were in Buenos Aires in July 2007 for the big freeze. Do you remember it? The first snow in reputedly 75 years, it looked a bit like sleet to me, but there we are.
We lived in the Welsh hills for 16 years and I never failed to get out. So now when we live in the low “ish” lands of Gresford I thought it would be safe to get rid of any sort of utility vehicle and get something nice and sporty.
Yesterday it started snowing and it snowed all night, I never expected this in these low lands. I managed to get my car off the drive, but it would not move on the road. Not put off, after all I was a mountain man. Our street is not long, maybe fifty yards to the junction, but it took me half an hour. once there, there was no moving. I was well and truly beached.
Not wanting to be one of those nuisance guys who just abandon their cars I tried and failed to get back. It is still there. I may go out later and try again to retrieve it, but I think I will probably fail.
So for those of you in Buenos Aires who complain when the temperature drops below ten degrees, think of me out in the snow pulling and digging to rescue my car.


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