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Ihave not written much mainly because it has been Quiet at casa Gresford lately. However we are stillpreparing for my retirement and the great walkacross Spain. With this in mind I amtesting all my gear over the next twelve months, and trying out some new technology ready for the trip. My new smartphone is up and working well, and the solar charging is still giving a few problems. I have now bought a keyboard so that I can keep up with the blog while we are away. So to this end I am writing this blog. If it ever gets to the stage where you are reading this, then you know that I will be blogging across Spain next Year. If you can’t read this, well then it will all be a bit pointless.



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2 responses to “More on technology

  1. tangobob

    We should be there for the evening of 3rd May. I expect we will be too tired for a milonga that night, but it is our anniversary (38 years) so we will probably go straight out for a meal. You will have most of the month to see us as we will be there until 27th.

  2. jantango

    And what about your trip next month to Buenos Aires? When can we expect to see you and Viv in the milongas?

    I hope you will be spending as much time in Buenos Aires as in Gresford once you retire!!!

    Will you be listening to tango as you walk through Spain?

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