I have just had an epiphany, They told me “you need Space to dance”, “the woman does not need to do what the man leads” and “You can dance to any music” I would not listen. I believed you could dance any move in close hold if you had the flexibility. I believed that a move properly led would have to be followed. And finally I believed that tango comes from the music.

But now I find we can dance to any music. We can dance regardless of what the music tells us. My partner can do whatever she wants, and we can leave enough room between us to drive a bus through.

The trouble is though; I have a problem, you can’t call this Argentine Tango.  So, let me think, what can we call it?



I know, let’s call it





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4 responses to “Epiphany

  1. Alan Jones

    Yes,Bob,you can do anything now,have a workout,dance to pop music,or even gymnastics.Didn’t you know,it’s all tango,:-).

  2. Arlene

    Hahaha! I have to say that I don’t always follow the lead, if they are doing ganchos, voleos, planeos, etc. In fact, I usually end the dance if it gets like that. Why I prefer to watch the leaders before dancing. x

  3. I know, let’s call it “DISCO”


    And one can even get the perfect music for it, as heard in this video.

  4. Absolutely you can dance to any music whatsoever. But if you want to dance tango, you dance to tango music. IMHO

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