When Dance Styles Clash

I have often said that the most difficult people to teach tango are those who already dance. Jivers and Salsa dancers use their arms and Ballroom dancers adopt a posture that really does not fit with Tango.

You can, of course reflect that back and say that tango dancers have a posture that does not fit in with ballroom dancing. This was the case with me this week.

We attended a new venue where they were learning Ballroom as it should be done. Unusually though for a ballroom venue it was very sociable, in that it was the norm to change partners (normally Ballroom Dancers only dance with their partners). John and Julie had done a great job in teaching ballroom and some sequences. My problem though was that every lady I danced with clashed legs with me. It was, of course, my problem, not theirs. They had learned the correct posture for Ballroom Dancing, Me? I now dance everything like Tango.

Still I never got any complaints, just the odd “Oh”.

So I must thank Jan for putting on a superb dance, John and Julie for teaching them all and everyone there (old friends as well as new) for making it such a great night. If I can fit it in with my crazy working life I will definitely come back.

As for the old friends, many were surprised to see us (The Tango Couple) dancing ballroom and the “new” sequences they had learned. Those of you who look at my what’s on page will realize we do much more than just tango. Life here at the edge of the civilized world is hard for a dancer, stick to just one style and you will be very deprived. We have, of course, been doing other dancing long before we found tango and the only way we can dance every night is to keep on doing it. (At least until we get back to Buenos Aires).

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