Halloween 2012

Things have been quiet here at Casa Gresford of late. I think it is just the time of year.

Some people are missing due to other commitments, some have been ill and some just too tired after busy days. The thing to be sure of though is we will still be here when they return. That said I have been working nights for the past two weeks, that is just the way my rota works. We were back though as big and lively as ever for our Halloween practica on 29th October.

This is the great thing about running an event from home; if the numbers drop we will never reach a time when it is un-economic. We will just buy less food and wine and just carry on.

Fortunately we have not reached the point we were at in the early days and we know that many of our prodigals will return. The books show a healthy number and the party season is fast approaching.

So come the big day of our Halloween milonga and suddenly the phone and internet were alive with people saying that they would come. Viv spent all the money that was in the box on decorations, food and wine.

I am glad to say it was not in vain, we had record numbers and a good few came dressed for the occasion. We even had some Italians, who although they did not tango, certainly added to the fun.

We did a “bit in the middle” but not as many as I thought took the opportunity to boogie. I still had one trick up my sleeve though: I insisted all the non-dancers come through for a Chacarera lesson. Despite some reticence, I think, they actually enjoyed it. Although they all said “we cannot dance” surprisingly, it never descended into Chaos. Not that I would have minded, half the fun of these things is when it all goes wrong.

Those who did not know about milongas were at first a bit confused by my Halloween themed cortinas, but they soon got the idea.

I must pass special thanks on for the wine that was brought, Special Halloween cake, parkin and all the other sundries. We have enough food now for at least the next two practicas. As always I was too busy to get enough pictures, so I have only the few in costume. And I am really sorry I did not get a picture of the cake, it was a masterpiece. Still those I did take I am happy to share.

Always good sports

Still can’t understand what he was saying. Still he danced belisimo.

Just arrived on her broomstick

Now stealing souls in your nieghbourhood.

A fully paid up member of The Assasins Guild

Ah ha ha ha haa 

See we do have a reflection

I think he was heading for your flies.

Best Chacarera dancers of the night.

Nice make up, but do you know you have a Duck on your head? 


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3 responses to “Halloween 2012

  1. > Theme from bewiched

    Cute! Young readers wondering what this is – see here

  2. tangobob

    We had Monster Mash, Theme from bewiched, Frank Sinatra singing Wichcraft and the theme from the Munsters.

  3. Bob, I wonder what you chose for your Halloween curtain. Here’s one for you to consider next year. 🙂

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