September Break

With Viv not wanting to do the epic South America flights and the appalling weather we have been having, I have left any plans up in the air. I fully intended to take a cheap flight to Spain if the weather deteriorated again, but for now we were in flux.

I spent the first weekend at the Corwen walking festival, but the week-time just seemed to fly by. Of course there was dancing almost every night. Our Monday practica did not need to be cancelled and we had a few private classes during the week.

So the next weekend arrived at breakneck speed. Again we were away, we took the caravan down to Telford, staying at our favourite Severn Valley Gorge campsite.It was off to the Ludlow Food Festival Saturday. Cheese, Sausage, pies, all there for the tasting. Left me with no room for actual lunch. In the evening we lit the barbie and cremated some Pen-Y-Lan pork sausages outside the van. While I serenaded Viv with the out of tune broken guitar I bought for a tenner at the Sue Rider shop.

On Sunday we headed out towards Stafford, where Geoff and Pauline Hudson were holding their monthly milonga. The great thing about holidays is you can get out and explore places you don’t normally get to, so we made the most of it.

It was a great venue and everyone was friendly. We caught up with some old friends we have not seen for some time. The Stokies crowd were there, some from Shrewsbury, even Manchester. Makes me ashamed that I only travel when I am off.

Geoff had been cooking (I suspect Pauline was also involved) so we had some great food. Geoff did his DJ bit faultlessly and we left very happy. Geoff, Pauline, Nat Stoke bloke and Essy Joe all came out to wave us goodbye at the end. 

We had to get back of course, Tango Gresford was back on again Monday. Don’t stop the tango train.

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