Oh how we now rely on technology. When we came back from Cardiff my laptop decided it would no longer produce any sounds. Not out of the speakers and not through the socket into my sound system. It was rendered totally dumb.


I checked it all for virus, I checked all the settings. I powered it down disconnected the battery. I tried everything I knew. Nothing worked.


Now all my music is arranged, by genre, by artist, and even in tandas, so my computer is quite important to me. Never the less all was not lost, my desktop at home is also similarly arranged, so we still have the music for our practicas.


Then disaster; first it was just micro second interruptions of our music. Almost no one noticed. Then in the following week THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH appeared on my desktop. I rebooted it; it ran for twenty minutes then crashed again. I rebooted again this time it lasted fifteen minutes. This carried on at ever smaller intervals until it just would not stay booted up.


I rebooted in safe mode and tried to find the fault. Nothing was jumping out at me. The trouble was it was now the weekend and Monday was our practica. I had no play list and no idea what to do next.


There were, of course two choices; I could play CDs but unless I did it track by track there would be a jumble of tango, Vals and milongas, and I would have to stand in the room amongst the dancers. Or I could use Vivs computer and hope that I could choose well.


I went for the safe option, use Vivs computer. I used safe artists Juan D’Arienzo and Miguel Calo. I just had to hope that my choices were good.


Actually everyone enjoyed the music. I need not have worried. Maybe I should always rush a cobbled together list (only joking).


My desktop has now had a new graphics card and is up and running again, leaving me with the decision of who to choose for my playlist this Monday.

My laptop has gone away. I suspect the computer man will bring it back telling me it is beyond economical repair, but at least it will still serve as a good storage device.

I am now urgently seeking its replacement. On the up side at least in future I will not have to face the embarrassment of opening up my bag in the airports and security laughing at my battered old laptop again.

 As a footnote my micro SD card in my phone has now decided to die. Whatever happened to the days when you bought something and it actually worked?



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5 responses to “Technology

  1. tangobob

    It seems I am becomming an advertising centre for media players. Well I like to keep an open forum andall advice is appreciated.
    For now though, as I must replace my old laptop, I will look for one with a good sound card and keep my old one for media back up.

  2. “I cannot see why I would have a computor and then another device to play what is on it”

    The best reason is the one you’ve discovered Bob – a laptop cannot be relied upon to play what’s on it. 🙂 Not just for you – many DJs find the same. Plus sound quality is on average much inferior to that of a dedicated music player.

    I am a pre-DOSer 🙂 and like you never got the Apple thing, finding the iPod wheel/touchscreen awful and the software dire. Better for me are the portable players that have real clickable buttons and an open choice of software. I suggest models described as media or video players rather than just music players since they have a larger screen for selecting tracks. E.g. the Samsung YP-Q3 here. Good luck!

  3. Bob, I too resisted for years the iPod revolution, but once I capitulated, I could never go back. You can carry it in your shirt pocket, for Pete’s sake–it’s just so easy to have all your music with you wherever you go. And you still have your computer. I’m just sayin…

  4. tangobob

    Cherie, maybe its just me, but I cannot see why I would have a computor and then another device to play what is on it. Still I understand those who use I Pods are very fond of them, personally though I never got the Apple thing. I was bought up on DOS and windows. I am a dinosaur, no doubt I will be extinct soon enough.

  5. I can’t recommend an iPod enough! You just have to invest in a small speak/charger to use at home, and with a professional sound system you just have to plug it in. Ours has 10,000 songs in all genres and works like a dream. If something should happen, you’ve got it all on your computer.

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