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Principe de Gales

We walked to Parque Centenario today. Not a particularly long walk as this city goes, but we covered some streets we have not passed this trip. We stopped at a confiteria on Palestini y Sarmiento, again not a particularly good, or big one but handy on our route. We bought a quiche and some bread, and Viv was quite taken with some chocolate covered churros, so we bought some for afters.

We had not picked the best day to visit the park; it is starting to get cooler, although we understand still ten degrees warmer than the UK. The wind can whip up here as well, now we are clear of the buildings. Still we enjoyed a lovely quiche, which the girl in the shop had cut up for us. We sat drinking our juice as the pigeons tried to clear up all the crumbs. Then we started on the churros, well they were just like chewy chocolate bars, quite nice really, but very different.

We passed the building at the edge of the park that had a notice displayed that read something like this: It is illegal to take animal here. ley1453. (I definitely made the law number up; the rest is to the best of my memory the word “take” was definitely used). I still have no idea whether it is illegal to steal the cats that sit there, or to leave more. I also have no idea why the notice is in pidgin English and not Spanish.  

We returned again to Fulgor, this being Thursday. It was very quiet tonight although Bob and Elsa were there as always. She wore something beautiful and different with matching shoes, as always, and just as always they greeted us as old friends. (One day I am going to ask her what she does with her old clothes). The rest of the crowd also greeted us as old friends and I get more kisses here than at a new year’s party at home. (From the men and the women)

Viv still not at one hundred percent told me to go and dance with the old ladies, as there were more than usual tonight it took me some time to get through them all. Susanna from Sin Rumbo was here as well and I grabbed her for the milonga. I also asked her again for a second milonga, she said “you create and I do not always know what to do” we laughed and said we don’t care and just carried on having fun. (Her boyfriend does not seem to object, but if I am found stabbed in an alley you know where to start looking).

Meanwhile, it seems that others not realizing that Viv was less than one hundred percent were asking her up to dance. She had more different dance partners that ever, when all she wanted to do was sit and drink beer. We were up for the cumbia though, and as this seemed not to bother her I said “why not try holding your head up” as she seemed to be pushing slightly with her head. She seemed to get through the night OK, but maybe it was the extra beer.

There was no bingo tonight, thankfully. The sorteo was back though and I seem to be lucky with this. I won again. As I waved my ticket in the air Roberto said “El Principe de Gales”.

Viv had to finish the beer while I had the wicky, still when we got back Viv said I was out like a light by the time she got to bed.


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