Cucaracha man

The doorbell  was ringing very early, Viv said “you will have to answer it, I don’t speak Spanish” When I opened the door there was no one there. Down the corridor was Senor Matacucarachas with his killerspray. “Fumigacion” he said, “enterior?”  I said and he confirmed. So we hurriedly put on some clothes and I left the door ajar. After half an hour he had not called back and the corridor lights were out. I closed the door. We hung around for ages but he never returned, I guess our cucarachas are reprieved.

The CD hunt continues, so we thought we would give Euro records, as suggested by Jantango, a try. Viv wanted some more exercise after her day in yesterday so we elected to walk down Lavalle. The wholesale goods on this street always amuse, there is a shop just selling balloons another selling party hats and a whole block of just mannequins. The naked fat guy staring out of one window is a constant source of ribald humor.

Eventually we got to the right block. There was no shop here, just a doorway. The door was locked with an intercom and remote opener. (I knew this as someone had walked in as we approached). I did not like the look of this and we debated about what to do next. We had walked this far and I would not have been happy to go home empty handed so I pressed the buzzer, “Hola” “Quiremos unas CDs” The auto latch operated. We walked down a narrow corridor and up the stairs at the back.

A short guy with thinning grey hair met us at the top. He was very enthusiastic and wanted to know what we were looking for. In truth I still did not know. The room he showed us into looked more like a producer’s office than a shop, but here were racks of CDs on the wall. “Tango bailable?” he asked. “Si” I said. So he directed us further in to his inner sanctum. There were even more racks of CDs, but he wanted us to sit down. Then he gave us catalogues with all his music in them. There was just too much for us here, so he also directed us to his web site.

Now I have all my music here with me in my computer, so I asked if we could take them away and check them against what we have. He was surprised when we said we had come from Wales, he thought Tango now was becoming international. It certainly is, though I wonder how long it will be before the Europeans realize it is more about the music than the moves.

Time for some coffee again. We returned to Bocota on Sarmiento. Viv still thinks we should return here for food some day, but today coffee will have to suffice.

Back to Nuevo Chique again today. We are quite comfortable here separado and sat opposite sides of the room we get a good view of the dancers. I don’t think I missed a tanda and Viv certainly did well the first half. I think she gets tired and puts less effort into her cabeceos as time goes on, but she still did well.

There is a very nice lady from Chile who likes to dance with me, she was sitting by Viv today. She has often commented on my aftershave. I had saved the last drops for today, but Viv had thrown it out. So I told my Chilean friend “ella poner el Calvin Klein en la basura”. She thought that was funny.

Anyway it turns out that she is a masseuse and on hearing of Vivs troubles took her off to give her back a rub. Perhaps it was because of the language problems (or maybe the Calvin Klein) but Viv said the relief was only temporary.

We went back to Guarda la Vieja later for some food. When we find something good we stick to it. Viv said I should have something different so I had chicken in a mustard sauce, it was delicious. Viv went for a rice dish, it tasted great, but lacked a certain something “Meat” I said.

We left stuffed, I think I may have garlic breath by the morning.


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6 responses to “Cucaracha man

  1. tangobob

    Sorry but I put it as I said it, my Spanish still sucks. I will change Lavalle though.

  2. tangobob

    Sorry Cherie, Thursdays are strictly Fulgor nights. We only missed once, reluctantly, when friends we had not seen for years invited us. Yes Viv enjoyed the book. she is not letting me near her Kindle at the moment so I cannot comment. I will get my chance soon I hope.
    P.S We will no doubt miss Marcela, can you pass on our best wishes and hope Ruben makes a full Recovery. Thanks Bob

  3. tangocherie

    Do you guys ever go to Chique on Thursdays? We are always there then, but hardly ever on Tuesdays.
    P.S. A little bird told me Viv enjoyed my book, The Church of Tango: a Memoir.

  4. jantango

    I’ve learned that the fumigacion service only rings once. If you don’t answer the door when they ring, then don’t return. Just as well you were spared the smell. You must sign after they spray in your apartment. Actually, they spray a bit in the kitchen and the bathroom. Since I have a cat, they use gel in two places, and I don’t have to deal with the horrid spray. Gaby enjoys chasing a cucaracha that shows up for her entertainment on rare occasions.

    I’m happy to hear you know Euro Records/Buenos Aires Tango Club on Lavalle where compact disks are painstakingly compiled from Carlos Fuentes’ huge collection of records.

  5. Dan

    It is interior, not “enterior?”
    It is Lavalle, no “Levalle”
    Queremos unos CDs no “Quiremos unas CDs”
    Ella tiro el Calvin Kein a la basura no “ella poner el Calvin Klein en la basura” (That was probably why she thought it was funny. Bob)


  6. Alan Jones

    It could be wise to collect any music while you are there in BA,as it is difficult to find now. Some of our dancers kindly bring the music back for me,but I have found it hard to order from the UK.Janis recommended Luis Abbate,as well,and she should have his address.I hope that you are enjoying yourselves out there,from Alan Jones,Southampton,England.

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