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Medrano and boxes

All the walking and dancing is taking its toll, so we are looking for an easy night tonight. There is a new milonga only three or four blocks away and we thought we would check it out.

Even though it is on a different street, it is near enough to La Catedral to be a back entrance, so on our explorations today we thought we would just check. When we found it, it was very close, but I was satisfied it was not the same building. The organizer was standing outside putting up a poster, so we asked him about tonight. It got confusing when Viv asked if it was Nuevo “We opened in August” he said.  So instead I asked if there was any electronic. He explained that they have live music, some demonstrations and almost exclusively traditional music.  So let’s see what happens tonight.

We walked further down Medrano and we found many furniture shops. Finally we found a headboard, we will have some way to carry it, but it is just what we want. We had to leave a deposit as I did not have enough money on me, but it will be finished (as in coloured) by Friday when we can pick it up.

Towards the far end, or beginning, depending how you look at it, we found a shop that dealt exclusively with plastic boxes. You would think that with so many different boxes there would be something that we wanted but not this time. We walked to Easy on Rivadavia and found a box that was just what I wanted. When we went to the check out a woman barged in front of us and stuck here purchase in front of the checkout girl. Viv was fuming, I must be getting docile in my old age, the old me would have thrown my box at them and stormed out, instead I just shrugged my shoulders.

We saw a “sevicio de lunch“ on the way down but never saw it on the way back, so we walked to Corrientes and Delicity where we bought some tortilla, pan and some bottles of pomello. Then it was short walk back to Plaza Almagro, one of our favourite spots to just sit. We finished the afternoon eating, drinking and reading in the late afternoon sunshine.

When we got back we panicked, we had not measured the headboard. I called the shop it was good chance to practice my telephone skills and fortunately I did not have to try and tell him it was no good. My fears were unfounded; it would be a perfect fit.

Philippe was calling round for a catch up, so it was good chance to try “cooking” the Argentine way. We went to Coto and bought a cooked chicken a bow of chips and some batatas fritas (fried sweet potato).  Philippe provided some Champagne and we had a chance to try his new glasses. We also drank some quilmes negra. Champagne maybe alright for the French but we know what we like.

Talk went on and Philippe was interested in the new venue we would be trying, so he said he would come there with us to check it out.

At the door he had a long talk with the doorman, he is looking for lessons and this would be ideal as they have a tango class and a milonga class before the Milonga starts. We said our goodbyes and he was off into the night.

Now we come back to Argentine ish time; the guide said it opened at 2000 the advert said 2030 we were there at about 2220, but still it had not started. At least the entrada was only twenty pesos good value in these inflationary times. The organizer said to sit anywhere and he would arrange the tables when the class was over. We did not have to wait long and we had an excellent table right at the front of the floor. While it operated as a milonga, it was ok. A very young crowd, so we would not get dances with locals here, still we had come for a quiet night so that was ok.

Before long , the live band came on and unfortunately it was not to Vivs  taste. It was all more or less cancion and it was a bit on the disorganized side. They would have a demo then the floor would be open, then another demo. We kept getting trapped on the far side of the floor. After one of these occasions someone had taken my chair. Now there is a golden rule “In the milonga you are given a seat for the night, it is yours alone” I looked around for a replacement and fetched it from the back of the room. I dropped it for effect, knowing it would create a stir. It did, the lady on the next table came over apologizing profusely.

Well we wanted a restful night and we got one. It was entertaining watching all the dancers trying to outdo the demos on a crowded floor. The woman on woman dancers who did not have the power to stop people pushing them out of the way and the Tango singer who kept telling jokes that went way over our heads. We did not get a lot of dancing done and we only had a short walk home.

I think this will not be one of our regular haunts, but, maybe if we are tired again one night, we may be back.


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