Getting Known

They say the secret to getting good dances here in Buenos Aires is to get known, well I think we are starting to get known. We arrived at Nuevo Chique at about half five that is about an hour and a half after it opens.

There is still no sign of Marcela and Ruben. We understand he has been ill although we do not know what with or how ill. Still our thoughts are with them. They have created a wonderful milonga here and every one misses them.

While Viv was changing her shoes I was already up and dancing, and apart from one tanda I never stopped. Every time I passed Viv’s seat it was also empty. You see people are getting to know us now and that is a great advantage.

I missed one tanda because my phone rang but that was it. What I did notice however (and Viv’s experience was similar) was that the people we had danced with once wanted to dance with us again. There is a group who for some reason seem not to welcome us in, but in Viv’s words “they do not know what they are missing”.

I think if we had more time here they too would accept us, until then we have a great crowd with whom we enjoy the dance. There was a little lady from Chile who particularly seemed to enjoy my dancing she also like my after shave. I made a note of what it was this time to tell her and she left the floor saying “Calvin Klien Calvin Klien” at least she was happy.

Our friend Arreceli turned up again and grabbed me for her first dance. You know I can think of no greater compliment than to be so accepted into their culture and for them to want us to dance with them.

The only trouble is we are getting very tired, after less than three hours we both, at the same time hit the wall. It seemed that the numbers were falling anyway, so it was best to leave.

On the walk back Viv said “do your feet hurt” I said “everything hurts”. So she said “let’s just relax somewhere and have some Pizza”. Now it just so happens on the last corner before we get to the bus stand there was a La Continental so we sloped in. We had a grande bolenesa washed down with a bottle of Quilmes Negra.

Viv thought it looked rather large and was making plans to carry some out for tomorrow. No way Jose, when you are this tired and hungry nothing was going to be left, lucky we didn’t eat the plate as well.

Now we have discovered that the 151 follows the same route as the 168, at least the part of it that we are bothered with. It also seems that there are more of them, so tonight we caught the 151. It was cleaner and less crowded, although you can never be quite certain as it depends on time of day and how many busses have passed. It also stops right in front of our appartment.

We feel sort of disloyal now though, we have gone over to the opposition and spurned our faithful 168.



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2 responses to “Getting Known

  1. tangobob

    Thats us, faithless. We saw a better bus and took it. I’m sure there is a tango song there “llorar por el collectivo”

  2. jantango

    The BsAs milongas are no different than any dance place in the world. Dancers want to see you first before they accept you. Trying out new milongas every week isn’t the best way to become a familiar face if you want to dance with the locals. Go regularly to the same places each week is the only way of getting known. And then you leave the country for another year.

    How can you abandon the only bus line that has figured out how to confuse you with two routes? The 168 on Entre Rios used to be the 90, but you have to know which one goes the route you want. I used to call it the “milonga bus” because I took it to several milongas. I won’t give up the 168; I’ll be taking it to join you at Club Fulgor for your farewell party. I hope Roger and Mirta will be there.

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