Lunch with Janis

We woke up late again. I seem to spend most of my holidays sleeping, still if that is what my body needs, so be it.

We caught the 168 again and got off at Alsina to walk through to Jantango’s.  The food she had promised us she kept and so we arranged to arrive early (one in the afternoon is very early by Buenos Aires standards).

We pressed her buzzer, no answer. One of her neighbours’ wanted to let us into the building, but then we would have been trapped, so we declined. We were inside the iron gate though and another neighbor asked how we got in. She seemed happy enough with my answer. Yet another came through, it must have been rush hour at Janis’s.

At about ten past Janis arrived, seems I had forgotten about ish time again. She had been to the supermarket and Ice-cream store.

So we got in and sat down and just talked, while she put the food on. She asked if we wanted coffee, this time however she let me make it. Janis is that rare thing, an American who does not drink coffee.

We ate her hake and mash drank more coffee and just talked. Her cat meanwhile was getting very agitated; the smell of fish is something guaranteed to get cats going.

Had we been here four hours? Well it was time to catch our favourite 168 again. As we approached Moreno y Alberti the bus was at the stop. We ran but no amount of hand waving was going to stop him, the driver had his cuppa waiting at the end of his journey. Fortunately this time we did not have too long a wait for the next one.

Now this 168 follows a different route (two busses with the same number? This is Argentina) so we are not used to the stops. I am afraid I jumped too soon, still they stop every four blocks so it was not too far and I quite enjoy approaching from different directions.

Fulgor again tonight, as it is Sunday. There is not a lot I can say, great music, and wonderful people just a great time. We were getting hungry again though, so we tried the pizza again “buen cocido” I tried but still it was not cooked well enough for Viv, I guess they just do not understand how we like our pizza .

We danced Pugliese again, normally I prefer to listen, but they started with La Yumba, it just had to be done. I don’t know whether it is special for Los Galeses, but they played an awful lot of milonga and vals last night. We were truly exhausted by the end.

One thing that I think is definitely for us was the new signs on the doors “El Bano” now had “Bathroom” “Caballero” now had “Gentlemen” and “Damas” now had “Ladie” (sic).

At the end of the night we left with our usual kisses and a promise to return Jueves.


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2 responses to “Lunch with Janis

  1. Dan

    It’s caballero, no”cabellero”

  2. jantango

    Most I know rave about the pizza in Buenos Aires. If asking for “bien cocido” doesn’t do the trick, try “quemada” (burned) and see what happens. If all else fails, buy a prepared masa at your local grocery or past place, add sauce, cheese and favorite toppings, and cook it at your apartment.

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