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Mataderos Lady

So today we decided to go to the early milonga at Confiteria Ideal and yet again we come across Argentine ish time.

The guide said it opened at two, now we already know there is no point in being early, so we arrived at quarter past. (I know this is still early by Argentine standards).  We thought it was fine, there were quite a few people already there and dancing. We settled down on separate tables Viv changed her shoes and I ordered drinks. All the while the music played on and on. There seemed to be no order, milongas mixed with vals and tango. Very modern mixed with Canyengue and no sign of a Cortina.

I decided to have a dance with Viv as all the dancers looked like they were learning. This is what was happening, this was still a class not a milonga. At about quarter to three Mario Orlando arrived with all his gear. The computer generated play list played on.

I asked my Mataderos lady (See Tango Passion) for a dance and off we went. Two tangos followed by a milonga, then at last La cumparsita at three o’clock. Still Mataderos lady was happy she got three free dances before the tanda. (I must find out her name).

From here on it all went quite well, both Viv and I got plenty of dances although we did dance together a few times, especially if it was milonga.

Viv says I am now practically married to mataderos lady as we had three dances, but hey she was the best there. I made the mistake of asking one of the pretty things for a dance and it just did not compare, the older ladies just have what it takes. They know how to wait.

We watched one guy just throwing the women around. I made careful note of the ones who were readily thrown and avoided them. I am just not in to tossing la mujer in the air.

We saw some faces from a past life as well. People we have seen in Maipu 444 and other long gone milongas. There was without doubt a tourist contingent here but neither Viv nor I danced with them, all we got were locals. I am not sure whether that says anything about us or the tourists, but in the main I think they were dancing in couples and for some reason they were all grouped together.

Why the organizers did not group us with them I don’t know.

I promise to scream next time I have this conversation “de donde son?”  “Gales” “Ah! I know Wales I have just come back from Londres” Or this one “de donde son” “Gales” “Ah! Inglatera”. All these I had today. There was one saving grace, a guy was sat at my table and the conversation went more like this “De donde son” “Gales” “ Ah! El Pais de Anthony Hopkins” at last somebody knew where we come from.

Off home for some pasta and an early night.  Well it would be just the time for Edisur to decide we should have a power cut. Now where did Philippe put those candles.


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