Just a bird in a gilded cage

I am sitting waiting for Viv to get ready, and as often in these situations I look out of our window.

Across the street are also windows (as you would expect) It is a shame I cannot post photos (except those passed on to me by Jantango) because across the street they have a bird in a cage. It sits in the window looking out forlornly.

Meanwhile the local pigeons perch on the sill, or peck at the plants. They coo away and I think that they are goading the poor bird. “look at us, we can fly off at any time”

The pigeons tango along the wires, they bill and coo, and they neck on the roof. They have no sympathy for our poor caged friend.

Well we are flying off now, more like a mole than a pigeon as we take the subte to Confiteria Ideal.

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