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Just a bird in a gilded cage

I am sitting waiting for Viv to get ready, and as often in these situations I look out of our window.

Across the street are also windows (as you would expect) It is a shame I cannot post photos (except those passed on to me by Jantango) because across the street they have a bird in a cage. It sits in the window looking out forlornly.

Meanwhile the local pigeons perch on the sill, or peck at the plants. They coo away and I think that they are goading the poor bird. “look at us, we can fly off at any time”

The pigeons tango along the wires, they bill and coo, and they neck on the roof. They have no sympathy for our poor caged friend.

Well we are flying off now, more like a mole than a pigeon as we take the subte to Confiteria Ideal.

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The Great plate hunt

We bought our first crockery before we actually had an apartment. We bought it for a party long ago and it just came along with us. Now with time we were starting to get short. It is only cheap stuff, but such is the way with these things here, the line goes on.

We knew we had still seen it around; it was just a matter of finding the right shop. There is a small chain here called “Petish Bazar” that stocks this kind of thing and there are a few of them close to us on Corrientes. The first one we failed at and the second, then Viv remembered seeing one opposite our bus stop last night. At first we could not find what we wanted, then bingo, we found our small plates. Happy with this I went to pay, but then Viv also found our dinner plates as well. Not bad, eh, to replace all your broken crockery after five years without resorting to Ebay.

After we dropped them off we returned to the supermarket for some provisions and their excellent empanadas. After warming them in the oven,  I sat in the sun with a drink, my empanadas, and a Terry Pratchet novel, bliss.

As is the way of things here, we had sort of arranged to meet Luba, but she had sent me a message that she needed to go out. Not knowing for sure if this meant she was cancelling we walked down anyway.

Club Fulgor is very like some of our own Social clubs, in that it has a short opening time. It opens at eight thirty and closes at midnight (although in truth, we have never stayed that long). So we were not hanging around too long. Before we got there Luba rang, so we arranged to meet manana.

After all the kissing, we had some great dances. We were hungry though so I needed some pizza. Viv is not keen as she likes hers more cooked than they do here, but she was hungry enough to eat some of it.

By eleven thirty, as usual, the numbers were falling drastically and we were the only dancers. So it was time to put on our street shoes and trudge home. Not without kissing everyone left and promising to return Domingo.

As we walked back I said to Viv “I am truly accepted now, even Roberto kissed me” Viv said “he never kissed me, just shook my hand” funny that.

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