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Nothing ever goes as expected

Today I was supposed to receive some money, not a lot but every little helps. I phoned ahead as requested but the auto operator said “this extension is not available at the moment, please leave a message”. I tried again before we set off same message so I left my number and asked if they could phone back.

I recharged my sube card and we caught the subte down to Callao. On almost every train there is someone hawking something; colouring books, pens, things for reading flash cards, then there are the jugglers, poets and musicians. Often it is worth the fare just for the entertainment.

Today there was a four piece band playing salsa music, and they were good. I am no expert but to me they were very good, so when one of them came down the train with CDs I asked “quanto es?” “Viente cinco” he said. Well twenty five pesos is about £4, it had to be worth a try. I bought a CD called “Hacha Y Mahette” sounds a bit brutal but hey ho. Viv said it would probably be blank, but I could see no reason to sell blank CDs after all it was their own work no need for copyright payments.

We walked to Santa Fe and up a block Viv liked the look of a café we passed, so after a fruitless search at the next junction  we came back and had Café on leche Y medialunas sat in the sun. It was a fancy looking place so the price was unexpected, lower than it would have been on Corrientes.

I stood inside and called our benefactor again, still no reply. This time I listened to their recorded message “The office is open from 1000 until 2000 every day” OK but where?

We walked down Santa Fe again, it was just no good, I could not find it, so we went off for a wander. Viv said we have not been down Levalle this time, I said we could walk back up it if she liked. She still does not know where we are but I said we have to walk up somewhere, it may as well be Levalle. Now as we walked up noting all the different material shops we saw a clothing shop on Paso. Sometimes, something in a window just reaches out and grabs you. There was a black cat suit, it was something Viv had been looking for, it had her name written all over it, so she went in and tried it on.

So there you go, I started off expecting to get a bit of money and ended up wiping out two days worth of spending money in one shop. Still Viv is happy and if she is, then so am I.

When I got home, the CD has no markings on it. I put it in the wrong way first time; Viv was triumphant when it said “no disc”. When I put it in the right way, just like on the train, it was pretty dammed good.

It is Janis’s birthday today (11th) and we are off to Lo de Celias. As always Viv is too long getting ready, but nobody is ever on time here. The trouble was as we walked up Salguero I saw three 168s go past. Another three passed as we walked the two blocks on Corrientes and another passed us without stopping when we got to the stop. I lost track of time but I think we waited thirty five minutes before another bus came. Then It got stuck in heavy traffic so we were about an hour and a half later than we said we would be.

Janis was sat on her own when we arrived, obviously glad to see us her other friends had also not turned up. (We found out later it was family problems).

Still they missed a great night and they missed the cake and Champagne. We danced and talked and the night just flew by, with many locals coming over to wish Janis “Feliz cumple”

We were the last out; we danced La Cumparsita, cleared our own table and held the door for Dany. Nothing left now but our 168, when I got on I said “hasta Corrientes” still not plucked up courage to try Guardia Vieja again.The three of us at Lo de Celia


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