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Return to Nuevo Chique

We didn’t do a lot today. We went shopping for some provisions as Jantango was coming. We found a local supermarket that has empanadas at half the price they are on the street and we can bulk buy avena (porridge oats) from here as well.

I think I got ripped off by the local Chinese when I returned some beer bottles a couple of days a go, so we took our empties with us as well. They have a machine, you put the bottles in one at a time it rolls them around and drops them out the back somewhere, when you have no more bottles you press a button and it gives you a receipt that you hand in at the checkout.

Janis came and the events of yesterday when we failed to meet where all forgotten. We ate empanadas and salad and the time just flew. Soon though I was itching to move, it was milonga time. We walked to Corrientes and caught the 168 together. Our stop for Nuevo Chique is three or four further on than where Janis gets off, so she left us with a “hasta manana”.

We timed it right this time. The bus stops are every three or four blocks apart and the traffic was heavy. So rather than wait until the bus rounded the corner we got off the stop before.  We beat the bus to the junction and were halfway down the next block before it had turned. I think I am slowly getting the hang of this collectivo thing.

Still we were not there early, seats in the milonga were now at a premium. The waitress sat me down  at a table that had a sandwich on it. I thought it strange, and of course when the tanda was over the sandwich man wanted his seat back. I was then re-seated along the back wall, where although it was difficult to get out, I could at least see the entire floor. Viv meanwhile was sat at the back where it was not only difficult to get out but also difficult to see.   

She did well though, I put my shoes on and thought I would sit out the first tanda and just weigh up the floor; Viv however was up dancing straight away.

I truth neither of us had much difficulty getting dances, it was nearly an hour and a half before we danced together.  There seemed to be a lot of French women here, and I danced with one whom I had danced with last year. She said she did not remember me but I said we had got the same flight home Air France then I think she remembered. I couldn’t have been that bad though because we did dance again later.

This cabeceo thing can be difficult though. I thought I had caught one ladies eye and as I approached her table another man whisked her away. Ever the opportunist I made out it was the lady behind that I was eyeing and had one of the best dances of the night.

It happened again later only this time it happened to Viv as well. Funny really both of us stood up mid floor so we pretended we had intended to dance together anyway.

As the night got later, it seemed that the dancers got fussier and the numbers were falling. We were both now having trouble getting dances. Well the milonga would only be open another twenty minutes so we changed our shoes, walked over to Congreso and caught the trusty 168 home.

When we got on I offered my card and said “uno viente” it seems one twenty five, that I was paying was too much. The driver was not having this though and asked for my destination. Now I don’t know whether I have mentioned it, but for some reason they never understand when I say “Guardia Vieja” I was not going to get caught again, so this time I said Corrientes. The driver said “y Salguero?” “si” said I and that was it, one twenty.


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