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Just loving it

Well Easter Sunday there is not a lot you can do, but the weather is beautiful so no point in staying inside. We wandered off down Billinghurst and then Rivadavia until we found ourselves in Plaza Miserere.  Lots of stalls set up here, lots of things we don’t need or want, but it is fun to look.

We soon got bored with this and carried on walking until we found ourselves on Independencia. Then Viv  got her coffee urge at this time and we found a little Café de Lunch as they call it. Outside were two or three tables, empty, because Latinos get enough of the sun.  We Brits however can never get enough.

We looked inside and liked what we saw, nice confectionary and some chocolate cake stuff. So we sat down outside and waited for the waiter. (Is that an oxymoron?) Viv said “how are you going to ask for it” I did not know but it would be fun trying.

Anyhow the waiter brought out a menu. I read it and found “Brownie” that is what it was. It looked too big for us so I asked “dos café con leche y un brownie” he did not seem to think this at all strange and if it was too small we could always ask for another.  When it came it was huge and it came with two knives and forks.

The coffee was a bit on the small size though, but we did get some agua con gas to help it down. We sat there in the glorious sun just basking. “You know what we need now” I said. Viv said “you are not having Ice-cream”. Never crossed my mind “Beer” I think we had agreement. I called the waiter “Dos chop por favor” he disappeared, and then came back “Rubio?”, “Blond” I said to Viv, I looked at her, she looked at me the knowing look of two people who know each other’s minds “Tiene negra” I said, with a nod he answered “si” So when he returned he had two glasses of Argentine stout which we drank in the sun just loving it.

As it got near to going time I looked up at the street we were on, Independencia y Matheu. “We are only one block from Jantangos” I said. Viv did not have her address book with her, but I was sure we could find it.

When we got to the block there was a guy just going in “Es la casa Janis Kenyon?” I asked. “No se” was the answer, seems nobody knows their neighbours here. Anyway we rang the buzzer but got no reply, shame it would have been nice just to surprise her.

Viv diverted me around all the shoe shops on the way back, I should not complain, at least when they are shut it costs me nothing.

We stopped at Coto as well for some groceries. Normally I don’t go here because the queues are usually horrendous. This being Easter Sunday it was relatively quiet. We still get caught out though; we could find no plum tomatoes, but did manage to find a nice lettuce. Nice it was until we got to the checkout, you see it was wrapped and had a label on it, how was I to know it still had to be weighed before sale? The girl just tossed it behind her, we left lettuce less.

Fulgor was quiet tonight most of the regulars stayed at home for Easter, not at all like at home, where everyone takes advantage of the holiday to go out. Not too quiet though there were a few strangers in, well strangers to us anyway. Strange DJ as well, with a strange mix of tunes, not bad just unusual. He played a Caseras track (being candombe not milonga) along with Canaro milongas.  He also played lots of Vals as well as milonga, strange it may have been but he gets my approval.

We had thought that Elsa and Bob would not be here tonight (we met them at the campionata a few years ago now they greet us as old friends) but later than usual they turned up. Elsa is always glamorous but tonight she had excelled, all in white with sparkling makeup. When they came in they presented us with an Easter egg, what a nice surprise.

Now those who know me at my local clubs will know I never play bingo, but tonight they had bingo at Fulgor and there was no getting out of it. Roberto just put the card on our table and Mariana put some beans on as well. Well you have to mark the numbers!

There was a youngster there who we have seen previously, he dances well and has improved no end since last year. He looked embarrassed when Roberto asked him to do a demo, but he was greeted with warm applause during and after his dance. I think we have a future star here.

The mix of strangers often dancing backwards meant that often I would dance in the centre of the room, it helped avoid collisions and allowed me to move, but I came under the eye of Chiche who did not approve. Still I think that for this one night he will forgive me.

No wikky for me tonight, but still we slept well. We got to bed exhausted but it is a good kind of tired another day to come. I just hope my legs hold out..


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