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Tango Passion?

We got up late today; the 127 collectivo from Villa Urquiza took it out of us last night. Still it was another bright sunny day and we could go for a walk.

Well a walk with a purpose, we went down Santa Fe to find another Avon Shop. At last we found one that was open, but this was the least of my problems. I am a mere man what on earth do I know about cosmetic products? Trouble is Viv speaks no Spanish, the girl in the shop speaks no English and I no speaky cosmetics in any language. How we succeeded in getting what we wanted is nothing short of miraculous. Still it was done and we carried on towards Suipacha and Confiteria Ideal.

It was very quiet when we first arrived but it gave me room to spread out for a while. Ivana was on the decks, I have not seen her since the demise of Maipu 444. I said hola she sort of recognized me but I don’t suppose she remembers where from.

We did not mix yet with the other dancers, we were still getting our feet, but it was interesting to watch the antics of others. You will often hear that ladies prefer a dance where the man just tries to make it enjoyable for her and not over complicated and things here today proved the point.

Here today was a guy who was very good, his legs were everywhere and he moved well indeed. I saw his flying legs still going with a woman I knew to be a beginner. Due respect, she actually followed him, his lead was exceptional. The only problem was it was not salon tango, we called him Tango Passion and he held the centre ground keeping away from line of dance.

Later in the afternoon I managed to prize myself away from Viv and dance with a few other ladies. Never have I claimed to be the best but I held my own. I danced with one lady of mature years, who although she followed well, did so at her own speed. There was a joy to her dancing that overcame any problems that age brings. We did a whole tanda and she tried to get me to dance again later, so I guess I was in favour. She said “soy portena” and I managed to find out she was from Mataderos.

After I had danced with her Tango Passion took her on the floor, he lasted two tunes. I don’t know what happened but to leave the floor halfway through a tanda is bad manners and usually indicates some real problem. Now as I said I think he was a better tango dancer than me but he should be on stage, not the floor of a local milonga. He did well with the touristas, but with a local milonguera? Well the actions speak for themselves.

 Next time you think you are boring the ladies and try to liven it up a bit just think of the Lady from Mataderos and Tango Passion.


Soy Portena     I am a portena, or I come from Buenos Aires.

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