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Felizes Pascuas

The heavy storm laden weather seems to be over. Today we woke to bright sunshine, and although sunny it was cooler. Perfect spring weather, except, of course, it is autumn here.

We had some sorting to do, everything needed to be cleared out of the corner where our new desk was to sit. Once that was out of the way we set out up Salguero to fetch it. Viv was worried about the weight and if we could carry it, but it was only a block away so I could see no problems.

As we walked up the street there was a distinct lack of shops open, we had forgotten that this was Good Friday we hoped that our furniture man had not. When we got to his shop the shutters were up but the door was locked. We stood for a while thinking that maybe he had not yet got around to opening, but we could see him inside working. There was not a sign of him opening so we knocked on the door,

He turned, so we knew he had seen us, then carried on. I have not mentioned before but he almost blind, his one good eye passes two inches from any document he wants to read. The he scans it one word at a time. So when we persisted, I think he had not recognized us until he came to the door.

We have come for our desk I said in my broken Spanish, “si” he said but wasn’t it Saturday. I gave him our receipt which he put under his scanner. He looked worried when he realized he had said today and then with typical porteno verbosity he started talking. I managed to get “polished” out of his words and “a couple of hours”. So we said “si si no problemo” but he carried on talking. We got “three o’clock” and something about wheels, still not fully understanding he started writing Guardia Vieja. Now I think I understood so we said Salguero Jeronimo 799 and gave him our phone number. He was kindly offering to deliver it for us.

We left it at that and returned to get ready to go out for lunch. We were to meet Pericles again today, it has become somewhat of a ritual, we meet for lunch when we arrive and coffee when we leave.  But before this Viv wanted to visit the Avon Shop.

As I have said before they do things differently here, no door to door salesmen, so Avon have shops, better in a lot of ways but it gave us a long walk. Of course it’s Good Friday so it is closed, at least we now know where it is.

After a two-hour lunch with Pericles for once it is us that is in a hurry to leave, our furniture man was bringing our desk. I was not overly worried as no one on Buenos Aires is ever no time, but still we had to go.

Pericles walked with us as far as Corrientes and we left him with a warm goodbye and hugs. We carried on down Salguero and I could see someone with a trolley just crossing Humahuaca. We were late and the poor guy had gone to our apartment and was now walking back. We turned him around and off we went again. “En Buenos Aires ninguna es temprano” I said he replied “Es Pascuas” as if Easter made any difference, but we had broken the ice.

I had always found this guy a bit distant but not it appears I had broken the ice. He was chatty and jokey as we struggled to get the desk in the lift and friendly and helpful as we put it in its new home. When I let him out of the building he left with cheery “Adios” so I said “muchisimas Gracias” he screwed his face up for a moment in deep thought “sank you erry much” he said. I have always liked the furniture he makes; now I like the guy as well.

A much later one tonight, we are off to Sin Rumbo in Villa Urquiza so unusually we were still in the apartment at nine o’clock. Outside a huge noise erupted, at first I thought it was just another over enthusiastic youth demonstrating the power of his car stereo, but it got louder. Then we thought someone in an apartment opposite was having a party, but it sounded more like the radio. (We heard talking). I stepped out onto the balcony and could see no sign, so I went to the bedroom and opened the blind to look up Salguero.

There in the street below was a car with huge speakers on the roof. Behind this was someone in a loin cloth carrying a cross followed by Roman guards. The guards were haranguing the crowd that followed carrying candles. After a few minutes they slowly moved on and we could hear them in the distance as they continued their own particular celebration of Easter.

We caught our bus out to Villa Urquiza then walked the few blocks to Sin Rumbo. The guy outside was having trouble understanding that we had no car to park, but soon we left him confused and went inside. Now normally I do not make a reserva, it is just too difficult on the phone, but tonight we had been ask to, to make sure we got a good table. Well we ended up further from the dance floor than when we did not make a reserve. Still I found it interesting watching the curtain at the entrance. It finished about a meter from the floor and it always looked like the legs were coming in first. I got free viewing of every well turned ankle and killer heel before their owners saw me.

Too far from the floor and too late at night we set off at one thirty for our collectivo home.

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