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Facing our demons

After our disturbed sleep in Amsterdam and the endless flight we arrived at about nine in the evening. Too tired to even go for food. I did a little sorting while Viv made the bed then we retired and slept the sleep of the innocent.

Despite this I felt awful when I awoke, but there were things to do. We had to shop for provisions and a new desk. I also had to tell the world that my phone had been lost along with all my numbers. Hopefully people will get in touch with me now because I cannot reach them.

By early afternoon we were ready to go out and we set off for the subte. I had doubts as to whether my card would still work so I put ten pesos on it, no point in putting too much on at this point. Then we had a shock, the subte price had more than doubled, it was now two pesos fifty where as before it had been one ten. So my return journey would empty my card again, but at least it worked.

The same waiter greeted us as we arrived at El Arranque but we told him tonight we wanted to be (junto) together. It was our first night of dancing and there was no point in making it stressful. As usual within a few minutes of dancing I had forgotten how awful I had felt and we were back in the swing.

We watched more than danced, not being fully match fit as it were. Still it was nice to watch some very good dancers, some mediocre and some plain awful and then to wonder which category the watchers would put us in.

We chose which tandas we would dance and those we would not. Milonga always got us up as did Vals but unexpectedly we got up for a Pugliese tanda, it was definitely a case of facing our demons. I think I coped quite well, but I still do not like it and found it difficult to manoeuvre especially as Pugliese calls for some big moves and the piso simply would not allow it.

Too soon Viv was complaining of being tired and we made to go, but before we did there was another Pugliese tanda and it started with La Yumba, it had to be danced. Demons once faced cannot be turned away from.

We took the D subte line and got off at Bulnes. All Viv wanted was her lentejas at 1810. So we had the empanadas with Carne picante followed by the lentejas, all washed down with a litre of Stella Artois. A good way to end our first day here.

Subte      underground or subway in Buenos Aires

El Arranque      An afternoon milonga at Salon Argentina

Piso      The dance floor

Lentejas      Lentils or lentil stew

Empanadas     Argentine pasties

Carne picante      spicy beef

1810     the year of Argentine independance or in this case a restaurant named after it serving artisanal food at a great price.


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