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Welcome to Holland. We are sorry, but Holland is shut at the moment please return during working hours 0530 to  2030. Thank you





You would think that after flying over here they would at least keep the place open for us. As it was the fast food place took pity on us and I had a cold Thai fish curry and Viv managed some burnt meat balls. To be fair we had not been in any hurry when we came from the plane, after all we had nearly fourteen hours to kill, but we never expected the place to be closing. It’s an international airport for Petes sake.

I had not booked us into the hotel until 2230, because you pay by the hour and I expected to relax and have agood meal, not eat some rushed take away.

So we still had some time. Down on the concourse there was a coffee bar that was staying open, so we meandered down there. Now my opinion of foreign food is that the reason it is all rubbish is because we brits want British food wherever we go. So let’s have some genuine Dutch Apple Pie with a great dollop of cream on the top. It was worth the long wait just for this, it was delicious.

Anyone remember The Dutch Windmill Song? It went something like this:


A mouse lived in a windmill in old Amsterdam

A windmill with mice in it’s hardly surprising

We sing every morning how lucky we am

living in a windmill in old Amsterdam,

Well, now the concourse was more or less deserted, out they came to play, meeses lots of meeses. They ran across the floor, into the light fittings around the tables. Watching them was quite entertaining, although I never saw one with clogs on.

We still managed to arrived at the Yotel early, but the receptionist took pity on us and let us in. She managed to extract some extra money out of me just the same. Thirty euros for room upgrade, five euros for washpack, still the alarm clock was free.

For someone employed in a technical role, I am fast becoming a technophobe. First I could not open the door and had to call the receptionist to do it for me. The lights in the room just baffled us, they seemed to turn on and off in some random order of their own, nothing to do with the control panel. Even the TV took some time before it understood I wanted it switched on. Viv could not manage to flush the toilet and the phone was completely dead.

The final straw was the WiFi, I just gave up. That is why I am now writing this in Buenos Aires.

The following morning we checked out and went for breakfast. They do things very odd here; bacon, eggs, toast, hash browns and SALAD? No tomato sauce and the toast was white, I don’t mean white bread, although it was, no it was toasted without any browning at all. How do they do that?

The mice were nowhere to be seen now that people were about, but now there were birds everywhere inside the building.

We wandered the concourse now looking for our gate. We found a Grand piano that said “please play me” so when I sat at the keyboard Viv stormed off. She said   “it’s not as if you can play anything good” well I can play Spanish Eyes. She wins again.

We stopped off for another coffee and found a place that did really nice breakfasts, typical. Still maybe next time.

Off to catch the plane, watch half a dozen films and see you all from Buenos Aires.

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