You wonder sometimes where they all start. No? Well I do, probably because I am paranoid. Who was it said “Just because I am paranoid, it does not mean they are not out to get me”.  At least I can laugh at it all.


The latest rumour is that my blog is discontinued. I guess that is probably my own fault; when I started this blog there was so much to say, and say it I did. Trouble is, it is like a long relationship, eventually you run out of things to say. We are still together we just talk less. I think I have only posted twice since Christmas and I probably would not have posted this had a lady not written to me for dance details. I need someone to set me off again with talk of Nuevo music or salon verses milonguero to get me back on my fundamentalist course. Watch out for the postings in April though, I write my best when in Buenos  Aires. What can seem quite normal to the porteños appears sometimes quite bizarre to the extranjero.


The second rumour, and this is quite worrying, is that my Mondays have ceased. I received a mail from asking me to confirm that we were no longer operating. Fortunately they will not remove someone without notifying them first. We have not had any real traffic from them, but it is nice to be there just in case. I live in the forlorn hope that someday someone like me will be in the area and trawling the net to find dance venues. It is after all the people who just want to dance that we want to come. OK and drink wine and eat cheese and generally gossip, but like all the good old milongas, we are as much about socializing as dancing. I will continue my Monday practicas as long as people want to come, unfortunately I cannot run them when I have to work nights and they will cease while we are in Buenos Aires but we will be back in May with a bang.


I have also heard recent talk that “Bob is not a proper teacher” Who ever said I was? Not me. I am just a spark who brings what I have learned in Buenos Aires back for those who want to experience real Argentine Tango. I give private lessons so that those same people can learn in their own way, at their own speed. I have no worries about my students visiting other teachers or learning other techniques, if your teacher does, then perhaps You should be worried. The broader your experience the better dancer you will be. My students owe me nothing, they have paid for my time and if at the end of my class they choose to take another class elsewhere, then that is their choice. However if you are happy learning tango that has little or nothing to do with Argentina, that is not my problem, but I’m afraid you will have little influence on those who demand the real thing.


Argentine tango comes from Argentina: The clue is in the name.



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4 responses to “Rumours

  1. tangobob

    Janis, to quote my blog “it is like a long relationship, eventually you run out of things to say. We are still together we just talk less” We are still friends, there is just not much to say from this side of the Atlantic. I am always glad to hear news about Buenos Aires though, I miss it with an ache in my heart.

  2. jantango

    Not only have you been quiet on the blog, you’ve been extremely quiet about sending me emails. Only 19 days until you arrive in BsAs. Your readers can look forward to daily posts.

  3. tangobob

    Chris, thank you so much, I am touched.

  4. The latest rumour is that my blog is discontinued.

    Bob, while your blog continues to be published, it continues to be a treasure. The fact you don’t continuously add to it does not diminish that.

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