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Gresford Pyrotechnics

First of all I would like to thank all those who turned up for our last chance milonga. I realise it had been a beautiful couple of days and the barbeques were calling. You are all stars.

Because it was suddenly so warm and the prediction was that it would still be 12 degrees at ten o’clock, we thought tonight we could spread out into the garden.

Tea lights were lit, a sign directing people around the back was put up and the table placed outside. The table decoration that we had remade for us in the village was placed centre table. The candles in it, looked passed their best so we fitted new ones and lit them, everything looked blissful. Hopefully we had created a magical ambiance.

The dancing began and soon we were all in the dance room enjoying the music.

It was, I think during a vals that things suddenly happened. Some body said “FIRE”, at first nobody did too much. I guess we just did not realize. Then I saw flames pouring out of our table display.

I could still lift it off the table and I put it down on the gravel. Viv then poured the little houseplant watering can all over the foliage. This just made it more angry, so I grabbed the big watering can and poured about two gallons of water over the fire. A little thing it may have been, but it was a persistent little thing. So it had to stay outside for the night, just in case.

After all the excitement we just went back to the dancing. After all we are British, and we British just carry on.

The next day we examined the wreckage. It seems the candles had melted, the wax had fallen into the bottom of the bowl, and when it had reached a critical mass it had burst into flames. So in effect we had been trying to extinguish an oil fire with water, no wonder it had been so persistent.

The only redeeming factor is that, we had, this night, had everything outside. Had the table been in its normal position, the curtains probably would have gone up in flames also, and who knows what would have happened next.

 In all that excitement my carefully chosen cortinas were almost missed, “Spanish eyes” (“soon I’ll return”, and, “This is just adios and not goodbye”) “Around the world” and of course “Summer Holiday” not forgetting the inimitable “Hey we’re going toBarbados”. Cheesy, I know, but hopefully everyone will remember this night and will return when we get back in May. (I hope they remember not just the fire but instead remember the good dancing).

Until then it’s “Hasta la vista” and keep your eye out for my daily postings from Amsterdam and Buenos Aires.

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Road Kill

Nothing about tango today, I just thought you may enjoy this.

There are many advantages to owning an old car: The free road tax, the low insurance and for me the ability to actually repair it myself, but for all pleasure there is a pain side as I am about to tell.

My Suzuki Cappuccino has finally been sold. I could no longer justify the cost involved with running three cars, so The Tart has been pressed back into service. My trusty Triumph Herald always starts and will continue running no matter what, as she did that first summer when she overheated and blew the head gasket. We still drove her home from Stafford, all be it with some care as I did not want to destroy the engine completely. Never the less she made it all the way home and after some work on my part and a cylinder head refurbishment company in Cornwall is now better that ever.

Being an old car she still rattles and knocks and she still has a few idiosyncrasies, but I enjoy my short journeys to work in her.

So on one fine morning I am making my way down the Wrexham LLanypwll link road just enjoying the drive. At the end there is a roundabout and from there on we hit the road works that will one day be the new Industrial estate link road. As I am about to enter the roundabout I see a car coming from the opposite direction, if I am quick I can pull out ahead of him and carry on without stopping. The speed I took the roundabout was, a little faster than I would have liked, but not excessive. The Tart however did not agree and in protest threw the passenger door wide open. As I turned again sharply left into the road works the inertia slammed the door shut again, no problem all is calm and I continued on my way.

Not until I arrived at work did I think about the lunch Viv had lovingly prepared for me that had been sat on the passenger seat. It was all gone, the freshly cut sandwiches, the tasty yogurt, the fruit for my breakfast, my bag and the butty box that Viv had had for centuries. There was nothing I could do now but mope about it all day, buy my lunch and hope that I could recover the bag on my way home.

Home time came and I left work taking a slightly different route so that I could stop my car in the lane that approached the roundabout from the other direction. I parked a few yards short and got out to investigate the scene. First site was disappointing; there was no sign of the bag on the grass verge or the undisturbed road workings at the edge of the roundabout. Then I saw it, my heart sank. It was classic road kill. Spread all over the road was my bag with bits of green butty box scattered about and embedded in the material was the detritus that had once been my lunch. I could bear it no longer, I left it to rest in (well not actually in peace), and returned home to tell Viv what had become of her wifely efforts.

Tonight the bag is still there on the road, but my lunch travelled in the back of the car, in a cheap carrier bag.

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You wonder sometimes where they all start. No? Well I do, probably because I am paranoid. Who was it said “Just because I am paranoid, it does not mean they are not out to get me”.  At least I can laugh at it all.


The latest rumour is that my blog is discontinued. I guess that is probably my own fault; when I started this blog there was so much to say, and say it I did. Trouble is, it is like a long relationship, eventually you run out of things to say. We are still together we just talk less. I think I have only posted twice since Christmas and I probably would not have posted this had a lady not written to me for dance details. I need someone to set me off again with talk of Nuevo music or salon verses milonguero to get me back on my fundamentalist course. Watch out for the postings in April though, I write my best when in Buenos  Aires. What can seem quite normal to the porteños appears sometimes quite bizarre to the extranjero.


The second rumour, and this is quite worrying, is that my Mondays have ceased. I received a mail from asking me to confirm that we were no longer operating. Fortunately they will not remove someone without notifying them first. We have not had any real traffic from them, but it is nice to be there just in case. I live in the forlorn hope that someday someone like me will be in the area and trawling the net to find dance venues. It is after all the people who just want to dance that we want to come. OK and drink wine and eat cheese and generally gossip, but like all the good old milongas, we are as much about socializing as dancing. I will continue my Monday practicas as long as people want to come, unfortunately I cannot run them when I have to work nights and they will cease while we are in Buenos Aires but we will be back in May with a bang.


I have also heard recent talk that “Bob is not a proper teacher” Who ever said I was? Not me. I am just a spark who brings what I have learned in Buenos Aires back for those who want to experience real Argentine Tango. I give private lessons so that those same people can learn in their own way, at their own speed. I have no worries about my students visiting other teachers or learning other techniques, if your teacher does, then perhaps You should be worried. The broader your experience the better dancer you will be. My students owe me nothing, they have paid for my time and if at the end of my class they choose to take another class elsewhere, then that is their choice. However if you are happy learning tango that has little or nothing to do with Argentina, that is not my problem, but I’m afraid you will have little influence on those who demand the real thing.


Argentine tango comes from Argentina: The clue is in the name.


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Bajofondo in London

I am no sure how many of my readers are around London, but for those that may be interested I was asked to pass this on to you:

Bajofondo Play One-Off Gig at The O2


On 21st March 2012 Grammy award winning South American band Bajofondo will electrify The O2 arena with an evening of unforgettable live performances. 


Formed in 2002, Bajofondo have put ‘electrotango’ firmly on the world music map, although their innovative sound stretches far beyond this genre to include; DNB, house, chill out and trip hop. The eight-man group is a “collective of composers, singers and artists” whose first album, Bajofondo Tango Club reached triple platinum. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, performing their live Bajofondo Remixed DJ sets at the biggest world and electronic music festivals around the globe. Their last gig in London at KOKO in 2009 sold out and their The O2 Arena performance is one of the hot tickets for 2012. 


Bajofondo’s three performances will headline The Gaucho International Polo at The O2 arena in London. They will be playing a small set of six songs divided in three different blocks, two songs before the Polo Match starts, two songs during the halftime and two songs at the end of the match. This unique event will bring an Argentine festival to London, uniting high-octane polo interspersed with the music with one of Latin America’s most acclaimed bands.  There will also be wine tastings from some of the country’s finest wine producers, brought to the event by leading authority, Wines of Argentina and after parties continuing late into the night in true Buenos Aires style.  Adrian Sosa from the group has noted that ‘It is an amazing opportunity for us to be able to play in such and important venue and during these event that has a lot to do with our culture and Argentine tradition’.


Bajofondo at The Gaucho International Polo

21st March 2012


Tickets from £20




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