You never Can tell

Well our Halloween event came and went. As often happens we thought it was going to be a disaster, with all our regulars away or injured. We had everything set up but were expecting no one. Even our regular friendly neighbour was away and unable to attend.

Quarter past eight arrived and there were only three of us, then, suddenly they all started arriving, all our friends from the past and irregular visitors.

Things were going well and then we got the trick or treaters. Perhaps we should have all gone to the door and given them a trick, but the blood soaked corpse that met me at the door was just another of our old friends. He had brought with him a birthday girl and two bottles of sparkling wine. OK so lets party.

I have just one complaint however; Viv was still cleaning up blood a week later.

In the end we had a dammed good night and for once some stayed for La Cumparsita (even though I had miscalculated somewhat and it was twenty minutes late).

We had a similar story last week, all the regulars could not attend but we still ended up having a great night.

It just shows, you can never tell. On a normal week we have less than a third of our dancers turn up. We have come to rely on the same few people coming every week, but somehow when they cannot be here others turn up as if by magic.

My pessimistic view that we will be all alone somehow never happens, but by the same token, they never all turn up together. Each week we have a manageable group, somehow, just enough for a party but never too crowded.

Just for a change I organised the music in milonga format. It posed quite a challenge organising the sheets to announce the oquestas but it was worth it for some variety.

The cortinas of “Thriller” and “monster mash” went down well as did “The Adams Family” and “Munsters”. These were all changed for last week but some, who have not been to a milonga before were puzzled by Nat King Cole in the midst of tango music.

Hopefully now educated they will return for more milonga fun, or even come with us to some far flung dances as we venture out to distant pastures.

You just never know.

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