Far Far away

In a (not so) far, far away village is a place where dancers meet. They partake of fine cheese and pate, and quaff fine wines from distant lands known more for their dancing than their drinks. They dance to music from a golden age and learn about the orchestras that produced these wonderful tunes. The great Google fills in the gaps in their knowledge in a way that was unheard of before the information super highway.

All this happens on the day of the moon-god each week, at a cost of only forty shillings. (All profits returned to the cheese and wine fund).

As each week passes more dancers learn of this great gathering and flock to the village-dwelling house now known as “La milonga” or “Numero Uno”. It can be easily recognised as it is bedecked in wondrous lights and the melodies of tango can be heard caressing the ears of all who pass.

A friendly greeting is offered to all who wish to attend. From the great to the total beginner all are welcomed.

This is no fairy tale, but a true event that anyone, who dances tango, can attend, every Monday until Christmas except the 14th November from eight o’clock.

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  1. jantango

    If you announce it, they will come from far and wide for warm hugs and beautiful music at the Finch castle.

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