Missing Buenos Aires

Checking my blog stats I see that someone has been reading my old Buenos Airesposts. That set me off rambling through them.

I have often been asked why I write these articles, it is something I find difficult to answer. Well today’s ramblings have in some way answered the question.

It is not always possible for me to travel to Argentina twice in a year; getting Viv motivated can be difficult, releasing myself from work, makes the rest of my year arduous, and often finding the money for the ever increasing air fares causes near insolvency. So this year I have had to stay home from May until next April.

The stress of my working life is starting to get to me, finding time to go dancing (especially as I have to travel far and wide for any tango) is difficult, and on top of all this, I miss Buenos Aires with an almost unbelievable aching.

This is where my old blog posts come in; I have spent the afternoon reading my old posts, times in Buenos Aires and the article  Me and Buenos Aires (The reply).

I sat there with a smile on my face. I really do not know if others view these articles as I do, after all they are just my reminiscences, but for me they are just a joy to read.

Times with my friends; Jantango, Pericles, Luba and Phillippe are there again on the page. Old haunts; Fulgor, Canning, Viejo Coreo, Ideal, are suddenly real places and not distant memories. Trips to the shops, struggling with my castillano, navigating the busy streets, all now brought back to life for the short time that I can spent by my computer before I am off to work again.

Life there is a struggle; I cannot just jump in my car, as I am about to do and just drive, I must use the Subte or navigate the mysterious Collectivo routes. Taxis, if taken, must have a pre planned route, if I am not to be fleeced. No freezer or garden for my fresh veg, so every meal must be planned and shopped for.

But all these things just serve to make life interesting, and then, we can dance every night and every afternoon if we wish. The very pace of life prevents me having time to mope and the only free time I get is writing my blogs while Viv gets ready for the evening.

A struggle? Yes, but a very happy one, and one I would gladly put up with just for the joy of being again in the city of tango.

I have often thought that the very act of putting my thoughts on paper was in itself a type of therapy.  Now I realise that apart from this they are a reminder of good times and the act of reading them back is as much therapy as writing them down in the first place.

So by all means check out the articles under the category “Argentina”, I certainly will, and if they bring you even half as much joy as they bring me, then we will surely be meeting up in Buenos Aires at some future date.



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2 responses to “Missing Buenos Aires

  1. tangobob

    Unfortunately we will not be able to make it four in a row. But we will be there for April, trying to be local and having my heart warmed.

  2. jantango

    After so many visits, you’ve come to know Buenos Aires as your second home. Taking the colectivos makes you feel like a local. Receiving a warm welcome by dancers at Club Fulgor warms your heart. Attending Carlos Anzuate’s birthday celebration three years in a row qualifies you as a new porteno.

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