Good people

I danced with the lovely Carole last week, and as usual, when I dance with such a beautiful dancer, I was a bit nervous. Now at times I simply did not know what I was doing. Carole, however always seemed to know. I have this at times even with Viv, so how do you women always know what our intention is? Is it an instinct? Or is it something you learn in tango?

We men dance away, and when we reach a certain level, it becomes a given that the ladies will follow whatever we do. We need to take care of this, of course. It is not always a given. At some point, we could become so vague or indecisive that the lady will take over and just do her own thing; this happens all the time to me, by the way, when I try to salsa.


Back to last weeks dance. I am still not sure if I was taken to task or given a vote of thanks. You see some time ago I wrote a blog about this milonga, I wrote it with the full intention of never going again. I later met Jo in Wilmslow and she definitely took me to task.

I have the greatest respect for Jo, she came straight to me and told me that she did not like what I had written and said we should talk about it. She never held a grudge and has helped me see how far I should go. Not only that, but she took on board what I had said and she would, in future vet all playlists at her milonga.

So now there I was at last weeks milonga being thanked (or taken to task) for writing that blog and setting in motion the events that now allowed Andrew and Carole to regularly host this wonderful event.

Well, I cannot take any of the credit, for what is after all a great milonga. It is all down to Jo, Andrew and Carole. I am just a blogger, who stirred things up a little. You three did all the work.


So a week later we returned to the afternoon dance. It was a different DJ and a different feel. Still we enjoyed the afternoon although we did not stay for the “fish and Chips” afterwards. I find it a bit heavy on my stomach and the grease does me no good at all. Viv has had me on a low fat (low everything) diet for so long now, that I have lost my tolerance.

On the way out I joked that I would be slagging off the DJ here, he responded that he did not care as he does not read blogs. I was worried by this, as I still have memories of the last time someone said this to me. People do care; we all care what is thought of us. So if anyone reads anything here they do not like, tell me, comment, email, or confront me if it is that bad. I am not an ogre and have been known to pull a whole post when asked.

Who knows after a confrontation things could turn out as well as they have for Jo and the Croft milonga.


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