Its not just tango

On nights when we cannot get to a tango venue we will seek out any dancing we can get. On such a night we ended up at a Salsa Wales event at Ewloe social club. I try my best to get to these events as often as I can, but often my shifts get in the way.

When we arrived there were not many there , but we had friends who would soon join us, so not too down hearted. Marie Louise plays an eclectic mix and the dancing ranges from salsa to sequence dancing.

There was no time when I had to sit down, because we did not know a dance.We danced Ballroom, Sequence, latino and even Tango.There was no interval so by the end of the night I was well and truly knackered.

We had some wonderful tangos and even milongas. Trouble is the only tango dancers were Viv and I. We left the floor each time to applause. Viv is not happy being the floor show but I am just happy to dance.

Bob (the guy who complains about dancing tango to non tango music) now has a new moan. Have you ever tried dancing sequence to Carlos DiSarli? OK not a moan, I loved it, but it did things to my head. You simply cannot go into a giro halfway through the Tango Serida.

We thouroughly enjoyed the evening and look forward to the next time. Well not the next one on 29th October as I am on nights again. But I will definitely attend on 26th November and 17th December.


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