You say tamado

It seems that there is no end to the tricks people will use to generate more money from tango. Just how many Spanish verbs can we turn into moves, just to generate something to make a new class? The very latest seems to be tamado, just a barrida by another name as far as I can see. Never the less it is making money from people who have never heard of this move and think that it is something new.

I am trying hard now to think of some myself, I could make a fortune. How about the estado, or just being on the dance floor. What about sientado or copping a feel (I swear I have seen this done by some so called famous milongueros) so I can justifiably teach it as a move.

I thought of arrestrar but somebody has already done that one, what about empuje I’m sure no one has done that yet. So that is it then, I will be teaching the empuje, just as soon as I work out what it is and I can always join it with Tire for good measure.

Talking of new moves, what is all this talk of Colgadas? Women ask me to do them, men ask Viv to do them and students are asking me to teach them. I wish to make one thing clear; any move that requires the dancers to adopt a stance that you would take if your partner had halitosis belongs in International Ballroom dancing, not in Tango. We dance and teach milonguero or salon style; that is close hold dancing. Nothing should break that embrace. Colgadas are definitely for the Nuevo crowd not for us.



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3 responses to “You say tamado

  1. tangobob

    Yes I have been called a zelot, thanks for reminding me of when I am over harsh.

  2. You make me laugh, Bob!

    Did you know this fabricated tango class language has a name? Spango. And the alternate meaning used by kids today is appropriate too – see (the Urban Dictionary).

    But I do find your characterisation of these teachers overly harsh. Most aren’t con artists, but just con victims like their own students. They’re simply selling on what they themselves were taught in classes, having no idea that it’s been created only for that purpose and has nothing to do with the way tango is danced in clubs. They’ve been caught up the tango class business pyramid scam. It’s happened to some of the nicest people I’ve met.

  3. Yup, I agree. I did those tamadas-things with Gaston Torelli and Mariela Sametband in 2007. Never use them, like most of the other silly standing-apart stuff learned and tossed away since; no need for fluff like that but closed-embrace, even estilo milonguero colgadas are really NICE (unlike their halitosis variants) 😀

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